Super Street: The Game New Trailer Shows Off Car Damage And Garage Girls

The devs behind Super Street: The Game have released a new video showing off vehicle physics, car damage and garage girls who will be there every step of the way while you’re customizing your ride. Super Street: The Game is set to release on September 4th, 2018, across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Whether you love the devs or hate them, it looks like Lion Castle Entertainment and Team 6 Game Studios have many potential buyers worried that it might get censored due to the inclusion of garage girls.

There’s no telling what changes will be made from now to release, but we do know some things about vehicle physics and car damage thanks to the latest gameplay trailer.

You can be the judge whether this game has mechanics and features that justify its graphics or if it looks like trash by taking a peek here:

“Watch the world gameplay premiere for Super Street: The Game in this official video featuring raw footage of the physics of the upcoming arcade racer. In this sneak peak, get a look at three unique cars and the way you handle them: going from scrap to tuner car.”

Personally, I’m not sure how this game will fair on the market at launch and with the inclusion of girls rocking scanty outfits — especially seeing some comments around the web and on the trailer who were not too pleased with it all — it’s a complete toss up whether this game will find the right audience in the right market.

As of now, it seems that the game has a following behind it that want to see it uncensored or unscathed, but we’ll see if Lion Castle Entertainment and Team 6 Game Studios are pro-consumer or not when Super Street: The Game makes its debut early September for PC via Steam and home consoles.

If you feel like this game has merit worth following, more info on this game can be found by heading on over to


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