Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet New DLC To launch On August 30th

Owners of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will find that they have a third pack of DLC to explore that comes in as “Collapse of Balance.” Set to launch on August 30th for Season Pass holders and for $9.99 for those that don’t own the Season Pass or DLC. Fatal Bullet is out now on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Fatal Bullet fans looking for more to do in the world of Sword Art Online the game will find paid content to come on August 30th, 2018. It’s unclear if this DLC will bring back players who left or if it will raise its mixed rating on some of the storefronts its featured on (like Steam)? While we wait for that answer, Bandai Namco released the following trailer for gamers to look over:

“Collapse of Balance, the third DLC for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be available on August 30th! New allies Alice and Eugeo join the quest to protect Glocken from Lievre.”

The third DLC “Betrayal of Comrades,” sees Copy-ArFA-sys of Kirito and Asuna appear as players seek the truth surrounding newly revealed “doppelgängers.”

Joining in on the mystery comes two new characters, Clarence and Shirley, who will help battle along-side you. Initially helping the players, their real motive is unknown, meaning that they could prove to be friendly or your foes.

The new DLC will also sport a brand-new section of your home, where a door previously closed off is now open. Behind this door comes “well-known characters” that offer exclusive quests.

In addition to the house, upon expanding it will also grant access to additional accessory modifications, BGM, and new voice types.

Season Pass owners will gain access to the late August due DLC, while those who don’t own it must pay $9.99 to access Fatal Bullets’ Collapse of Balance DLC across PC via Steam, PS4, or Xbox One.


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