Touhou Luna Nights Is Available Now For PC Via Steam Early Access

The 2D side-scrolling “Metroidvania” game, Touhou Luna Nights, is out now and seems to be favored among owners of the game. Team Ladybug, Vaka Game Magazine, and AGM PLAYISM released a roadmap to accompany their newly released game that’s available for PC via Steam Early Access.

Originally set to release on August 10th and then delayed to August 20th, Touhou Luna Nights is out now and available to pick up through Steam Early Access. The devs behind the game, Team Ladybug, happen to be the same ones over titles like Pharaoh Rebirth, Resurrection of Beldia, and Shin Megami Tensei SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE.

Furthermore, the devs have moved forward regarding Touhou Luna Nights‘ development and released a roadmap for potential buyers and owners of the game. At the moment, the team is busy brushing up “Stage 2,” “Stage 3” and “Stage 4.”

The two former stages are scheduled to release in the next update, which is planned to go live in mid-September. As for “Stage 4,” it will come in the following update, which will elevate the mystery that much further.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the older gameplay trailer, you can look it over right here. In addition, 20 minutes of raw gameplay footage can be seen below thanks to YouTuber SegaSaturnSNK:

Languages supported include English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. In addition, this applies to the interface and subtitles, too. In other words, the game comes with multiple language support (texts) and subs.

And lastly, the game boasting a “Very Positive” rating on Steam is said to sport well-animated characters and environments, and if you want to dive into a world like that while solving unique puzzles, Touhou Luna Nights might be something worth checking out.

The 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania game is out now for $9.59 on PC via Steam Early Access. More info on the devs can be found over on


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