Trench 11 Trailer Adds A Parasitic Horror-Themed Twist To World War I
Trench 11 (2018)

Carousel Pictures’ Trench 11 is an upcoming horror film themed around a small squad of soldiers sent to investigate a seemingly abandoned underground German base during the end of World War I.

If you enjoyed movies like Outpost and Deathwatch you’ll probably want to keep an eye on Trench 11. It follows a group of soldiers sent into a secret German bunker on the outskirts, more than 100 feet underground.

While scouring through the bunker they discover that the Germans were conducting inhuman experiments on the subjects, creating some unfathomable creatures as a result. While attempting to make their way through the bunker they also discover that it wasn’t designed to keep people out, but it was designed entirely to keep the subjects in.

You can check out the tense trailer for Trench 11 courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

While Trench 11 obviously has a low budget look to it, it also manages to escape the cheap digital camera look as well.

Visually it manages to capture a faded, dreary, desperate look at the post-war landscape while also swirling viewers in a haze of foggy death camps, bloody mazes, and a creepy laboratory that looks like some kind of wooden-made torture factory.

Luckily the trailer doesn’t delve into the torture-porn sub-genre, but instead introduces a parasitic, paranormal element into the fold as we see the worm-creatures weave and crawl their way through their victims.

It’s definitely a disturbing looking film that has an intriguing premise.

So long as it maintains a steady pace, has decent special effects (and it looks like it captures this aspect well, based on the trailer), and has some entertaining action beats, then it could end up being a sleeper horror hit.

There’s no exact release date offered in the trailer, but it says that Trench 11 will be hitting theaters “soon”. I imagine it will have limited theatrical run before being made available for digital and physical distribution.


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