Twitter Suspends Alex Jones For A Week For “Violating Twitter Policy”

Alex Jones Twitter Censorship

Alex Jones has been placed in read-only mode on Twitter and has been suspended for seven days from posting any new tweets. Users can still browse Jones’ Twitter account and the tweets that he’s already made, but the offending tweet(s) have been removed and Jones will spend a week in the equivalent of a virtual timeout, reports CNET.

When Twitter was reached for comment about what tweet exactly put Jones in the dog house, it wasn’t clarified what he had said to incur the week-long suspension.

This move comes as Twitter has been pressured by Social Justice activists pressuring Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to permanently ban Alex Jones for having opinions that the Left dislike.

In fact, GeekWire is reporting that Twitter users are using blocklists to block Fortune 500 companies in order to put pressure on Twitter staff to permanently ban Alex Jones. This includes Grab Your Wallet co-founder Shannon Coulter, who encouraged her followers to block Twitter’s “most lucrative advertisers” until Jones is removed from the platform.

According to Coulter, more than 50,000 people have “participated” in the blocklist.

Twitter originally opted not to ban Alex Jones or Infowars along with the rest of the major tech companies such as YouTube, Apple, Spotify, YouPorn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Vimeo, since they claimed that Jones had not actually violated the terms to the point where it warranted a permanent ban.

Some Leftists have denied that this was an organized effort of censorship from big tech, but to most normal people it looks like an organized effort of censorship from big tech.

(Thanks for the news tip The Positivist)