Unavowed Gameplay Walkthrough
Unavowed Walkthrrough

Wadjet Eye Games is one of the last remaining bastions of classic, hand-painted, point-and-click games. The company released Unavowed on PC for $14.99 over on the Steam store. The game lets you choose your protagonist, take part in three different origin stories, and gather your companions for a sci-fi, RPG adventure. For those of you looking for a starter walkthrough guide to help get you up and running, there’s one available here.

YouTuber Gamewalker put together a three part walkthrough series for Unavowed, which you can check out below.

At the start of the game there’s a short cinematic where you’ll be able to choose whether you want to play as a male or a female, and then choose your name.

You’ll then be able to choose your background, which includes being a police officer, a bar, or an actor. Depending on which one you choose will depend on the flashback sequence you’ll get.

Unavowed - Character Creation

In this particular walkthrough they chose the bar option. You’ll need to head into the bar and Logan will ask you to go into the bar to get his brother, Jonah.

Ask about Jonah and the manager will tell you that Jonah is locked in the bathroom.

Go to the bathroom door and knock on the door to talk to Jonah. He won’t come out, but you can grab the key from the wall. Pull the key out of the inventory from the menu at the top of the screen and use the key on the bathroom door to enter into it.

Unavowed - Jonah Suicide

Jonah is on the verge of committing suicide and he tells you that a bunch of dead people are talking to him, and you can either help Jonah and prevent him from committing suicide or you can help convince him to commit suicide so he shoots himself in the head.

It doesn’t matter if you try to help Jonah since the demon will possess the main character and shoot Jonah in the head, and then kill the bartender.

after the backstory wraps up Eli will finish the exorcism and then attempt to explain what happened to the main character.

Once you get outside you’ll need to pry open a door. Head to the trash can and grab the rag and the copper wire.

Put the copper wire into the sparking wire after turning off the breaker. Attach the end of the wire into the puddle and then pick up the lead pipe on the ground. Take the rag and place the rag into the dripping pipe.

When the creature appears the water will run under the feet of the creature. Turn on the breaker box to electrocute the monster.

After the monster eats some flesh it will go into a portal and leave. And then the diversity hire and Eli will ask the main character to join.

After going back to the house, head downstairs and talk to Mandana.

Go talk to the old man Kalash, the father of the Jinn, Mandana.

Kalash is an old-school Jinn, and recognizes that the world has gone soft with a bunch of snowflakes.

Unavowed - Kalash

After you talk to Kalash head downstairs to talk to Eli.

Once you get done talking, go back and talk to Kalash.

Kalash will give you your first mission, and then when you’re ready exit the door.

Click the map on the subway to select your destination.

Go talk to the police officer about the homeless shelter that was burned down.

There’s a short cinematic from the main character’s past when they were a demon. Once it ends, have Mandana use her sword to unlock the door, and then head inside and go down the steps.

The basement is dark and you can’t turn the light on without a fuse. Head back upstairs to see the ghost. Go into the next room and check the desk at the back of the room to pick up a scrap of paper that has “PW = (heart)”.

Go over to the desk and grab the photograph from the computer desk. In the upper drawer there’s a fuse. Go back down into the basement and put the fuse in the fuse box and then uncover the dead body under the cloth.

Unavowed - Vine Death

After examining the moss-covered body, a ghost will appear. You won’t be able to communicate with it, though. Head back upstairs and open up the laptop now that the power is restored. You’ll need to enter a password to access the journal. The password to access the journal is: wendy

Exit the building and head into the park and then talk to the woman sitting under the figure. Show her the picture and she will recount bits and pieces of what happened when the main character was possessed by a demon. Talk to Wendy about Jordan’s journal, and she will explain about the knife, the bloodletting, and the healing ritual.

Head back down the street and use Mandana to pry open the manhole using the sword.

Have Eli turn the valve, and then go over to the red pipe and get the key from behind the pipe. Use the key on the control panel to drain the water.

Unavowed - Jordan Immolation

You’ll find Jordan in a ball of fire. Ask him about the knife and he will say that he will help you if you help him.

Head back to the police officer and sweet talk him into letting you into the burned down homeless shelter.

There’s a frozen locker. Have Eli melt the locker. Open the locker and then half Eli melt the ice block.

Examine the body and hold up the picture of Jordan to the body.

Unavowed - Frozen Body

Proceed back into the sewers and talk to Jordan, and explain to him that he’s dead and he’s a fire elemental.

You can either have Eli skin the fire off of him and kill him or have Mandana send him across the void.

After making the decision you’ll retrieve the ritual knife and the mission will end.

Go talk to Mandana and Eli before talking to Kalash.

He’ll give you the next mission, and you’ll take the subway to the next location at the Gun Hill Road Station.

Another vision will take place and in the flashback a character named Dana will be revealed. Go talk to the black janitor about the Eddings Place, and he will tell you where to go.

Head back the other way to the residential street. Take the brick from the ground and then go to the Eddings Place down the street.

Go around to the back of the house and a talking window will ask for help. Use the brick you picked up to break the talking window.

Give the brick to Mandana to break the window and lift the main character into the house.

The ghost will tell you what you need to do once you get inside. Take the screwdriver on the floor.

Unlock the front door so Eli and Mandana can get into the house.

Go upstairs and take the hula dancer from the shelf and then enter into the bathroom. Use the screwdriver on the hula dancer to take the battery out of the device.

Unavowed - Logan Brown

Logan will need help figuring out the names of the ghost.

Go into the next room and check the trash can; there are ashes in the trash can from a notebook. Go outside and talk to Eli and ask him to do a fire reading of the notes from the trash can. It will reveal the names “Art”, “Dana” and “Jess”. Go back inside and talk to Logan.

After a lengthy talking sequence, go back into the bedroom and a flashback will take place, revealing that the demon was a kinky piece of crap, and forced the main character guy to have gay sex.

The main protagonist is traumatized, along with Eli and Mandana, after finding out the demon forced the main protagonist to have gay sex.

It will also reveal how to get into the garage.

Go outside to the mailbox and get the garage opener. Put the battery from the hula dancer into the garage opener.

Go inside and take the shovel. Remove the license plate on the car and take the blackmail photo that the demon had taken of the gay sex, and then head back upstairs and talk to Logan.

Show the picture of the gay sex to Logan and he will show the photo to the ghost of Art.

Head outside to the backyard and it’s revealed that Jess and Art pulled shivs after they confronted each other about the gay sex and the dead dog.

Use the shovel on the flower bed to dig up the dog collar. Another flashback will take place revealing that Art killed his wife after she confronted him about his gay sex affair.

The gay sex was so traumatic for Art, along with murdering his wife, that he decided to commit suicide with the help of the demon.

Talk to Logan and show him the collar to suppress the other ghost. Go into the bedroom again and take the doll from the closet. Go talk to Logan again after showing him the doll. This will supplant the final ghost.

After finishing up, Logan will join the group and then the main character will end back up in the room.

Talk to Mandana, and then talk to Eli before talking to Kalash to take on the next mission.

Go upstairs and talk to Logan and Kalash to start your next mission.


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