Weekly Recap Aug 11th: Mega-Corps Ban Infowars, The Escapist Threatened With Lawsuit
Weekly Recap

For every step the anti-SJW side takes, it seems like SJWs take ten more. This was rather evident this past week when Infowars was banned from a host of nearly every major social media platform under the non-transparent terms of “hate speech”. Alex Jones and Infowars weren’t just knocked down a peg, they were cut out from under the knees and left to bleed like a stuck pig on the unforgiving slabs of the information highway. Worse yet is that YouTube is also censoring other channels from talking about Infowars being censored.

In other news this week, a former writer for The Escapist was banned from the forums after threatening a libel suit after the new editor-in-chief, Russ Pitts, called the former staff members of the Alt-Right. These stories and more in this August 11th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Valve Removes Game For “Trolling” Without Defining “Trolling”

Part of the issue that a lot of people had with Valve’s new “Trolling” and “Illegal” identifiers for cause of removing games is that there was no definition rolled out for what constituted “trolling” or content that was “illegal”. Well, we found out what that meant (somewhat) with the removal of Dank Boi Games’ Gay Nation after the developer questioned Valve about the filters in place. The game Not Tonight got railed on by those on the far Right for its depiction of Brexit as being a dystopian nightmare for British people. There’s an upcoming pirate sim called Atlas that was leaked ahead of its intended reveal. And the Honey Badger Brigade lost their defamation suit against Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue because the judge refused to look over the evidence.


Alex Jones’ Infowars Gets Censored From YouTube, Facebook, Apple

All the major tech media giants worked together to get Infowars pulled from their services at the exact same time on the exact same day. Infowars was pulled from YouTube, Facbeook, Apple’s iTunes and Spotify all on the same day. Most people point to some sort of collusion, but others have defended the corporations, saying they’re a private business and can do what they please. IGN got caught in a plagiarism scandal, and decided to remove the review while they launched an internal investigation into the piece. In a nice change of pace, R. Mika in Street Fighter V wasn’t censored at this year’s EVO 2018 Top 8 finals. Fallout 76 beta progress will carry over into the full game, but you won’t be able to play it on Steam. And Capcom wants to make more games that sell less but score higher with game journalists… yes, they really said that.


The Escapist Threatened With A Libel Suit Over Alt-Right Comments

After the new editor-in-chief, Russ Pitts, was brought back on to run The Escapist, one of the first things that Pitts did was claim that between 2015 and 2017 The Escapist had become an Alt-Right recruiting tool. Some of the writers took offense to that and decided to rebut the claims by threatening a libel suit. In a follow-up to IGN’s plagiarism scandal, the company fired Filip Miucin after it was discovered that he lifted wholesale his review for Dead Cells from a small YouTuber. The CW revealed that their top priority for casting Batwoman was that the lead actress was an openly gay actress, which is why they gave the lead role to Ruby Rose, and so Ruby Rose will play the Social Justice Warrior lesbian that is Batwoman. And the Dead or Alive 6 producer is telling fans not to worry, but at this point fans are telling Team Ninja that since the studio decided to get woke, they can go broke.


USK Will No Longer Ban Games With Nazi Imagery

It’s not an entirely huge thing, but it’s kind of a huge thing, insofar that Germany’s USK regulatory board that controls ratings, will no longer outright ban games that contain Nazi imagery, but will instead rate the game on a case by case basis. Baby steps. Some queer games were promoted on Steam shortly after Valve banned Gay Nation. After Runic Games was buried by Perfect World, a new challenger stepped into the arena with Torchlight Frontiers, which is an MMO version of Torchlight. Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Note 9 this week, and it’s super expensive and also very snazzy. And Cuphead managed to surpass 3 million unit sales since launching last fall.


YouTube And Twitter Keep The Censorship Going

H3H3 Productions was hit with the censorship ban hammer from YouTube for discussing Alex Jones being censored by YouTube. The company responded by saying that the censorship was “incorrectly” doled out against the channel. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Twitter decided to ban all the Proud Boys and their the Proud Boys organization, including Gavin McGinnes. The developers behind Scorn announced that the game will no longer be released in two parts, but instead will release as one whole game in 2019, and if things go over well we could see it released on the Xbox One and PS4, too. And the Nintendo Network’s premium service will finally get underway during the second half of September.


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