Weekly Recap Aug 18th: Battlefield V Pre-Orders Tank, MundaneMatt Drama, Ninja Stays Faithful
Weekly Recap

This week was a week full of drama. It was a week that was also filled with tears and joy… sadness and anger. It’s hard to encapsulate just what kind of week it was because on one hand you had a bunch of SJWs sperging out about DOOM: Eternal, which provided a good amount of laughter for all of us normal folk. But then on the other side of the table you had lots of censorship still taking place and YouTube cracking down on lewd gaming channels.

Then again, we also saw Patrick Soderlund taking leave from EA while Battlefield V’s pre-order numbers dived harder than Supergirl’s ratings after moving to CW, and we also had game journalists spilling spaghetti like a teething toddler strapped in a booster seat over Stardock Entertainment hiring Adam Baldwin for Star Control: Origins, for #GamerGate not harassing Filip Miucin, and for Twitch streamer Ninja being faithful to his wife.

I don’t know if this week was worth a grimace or a grin, but either way there was enough drama to make even the most languid of saps sit up and sneer, and even get the most trademarked of moderates to at least realize that the SJW side is getting more childish with each passing week. That being said, you can catch these pathetic stories and more in this August 18th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Mundane Matt’s Reckoning & EA Origin Reaming

The fallout from MundaneMatt false flagging YouTubers has resulted in a lot of drama and now everyone is saying Matt’s YouTube career is done. If you thought that was bad, Electronic Arts got dragged through the mud when an Origin user was denied access to their games after their account was wiped and EA refused to help them. It took a viral post on Reddit to get EA to even acknowledge the post. And SJWs went full bore retard over the weekend, first attacking Twitch streamer “Ninja” for being faithful to his wife, and then later criticizing Ruby Rose to the point where she deleted her Twitter because SJWs felt she wasn’t “Jewish” enough. And then it was all topped off when SJWs complained that DOOM: Eternal’s video criticizing the politically correct brigade was “gross” and “anti-immigration”.


Patrick Soderlund Departs EA After Calling Battlefield V Critics Uneducated

EA’s former chief design officer Patrick Soderlund departed the company shortly after calling Battlefield V critics “uneducated” and telling gamers not to buy the game this fall. Soderlund and many other Social Justice Warriors have been heavily pushing the SocJus narrative with Battlefield V, and now we’ll see how well all of that virtue signaling pays off this fall. Game journalists completely flipped their lid when Stardock Entertainment announced that they would be bringing on actor Adam Baldwin to voice one of the characters in the upcoming Star Control: Origins. Australia is increasing surveillance measures to the degree where law enforcement agents will be able to pull private user data from Australian telecomm providers, even from games like Call of Duty or Fortnite. They claim they’re doing so to fight back against terrorism. And the Dishonored franchise is being put on ice after Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider bombed.


Game Journalists Whine About #GamerGate Not Complaining Enough About IGN

Even though IGN fired Filip Miucin for plagiarizing content, and #GamerGate having tweets and discussion threads about the topic, game journalists proclaimed that the ethics in journalism movement wasn’t complaining enough about the event. Battlerite Royale is currently seeking sign-ups for the closed beta test, but not every member of the community is on board with the second iteration of the game. The schedule for PAX South in 2019 is already being laid out and tickets are set to go on sale soon. Super Seducer 2 is trying to be a lot more feminist than the first game, and this will test whether or not game journalists will promote it or attempt to get it banned (again). The ISO Zone shuts down its ROMs and ISO collections, but some of the games have been moved over to a new site. And a #GamerGate supporter and game developer has been permanently banned from Twitter for mocking Wil Wheaton.


Artifact Will Be Playable At PAX

Valve has received a lot of hate for the upcoming Dota-based CCG, Artifact. We’ll find out just how much people hate it when they get a chance to see it in action at PAX West this year, which is where Artifact will be on display for the first time in public. Dontnod and Fox21 have teamed up to produce a Vampyr television show based around the period-piece action-RPG. Microsoft decided to virtue signal to the high-heavens by releasing a beta of the new Xbox Avatar Editor. The toolset is vastly underwhelming, focusing more on disabled, lesbian, black-trans cyborgs rather than the normal gamers that actually use the Xbox One. And YouTube decided to shut down the LewdGamer channel on the grounds of saying that it was “spam”.


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