Weekly Recap Aug 25th: Angry Joe Meltdown, CDPR Castrates Their Integrity At The Altar Of SJWs
Weekly Recap

Oh boy, what a week this was. Unlike other weeks where we just have lots of sad, negative, disappointing news about games being subverted, subliminal messages taking over our video games, and popular brands being reinvented as tools of propaganda from the orthodoxy of the Intersectional Inquistion and its subsidiary divisions, such as the Rainbow Reich, and the Oppression Oberkommandos.

No, this week was filled with lots of silly drama, some giant rude awakenings for SJWs, and a pretty big healthy dose of normies scarfing down red-pills like Oprah scarfs down unleavened bread. For instance, “Angry” Joe Vargas got taken to task attempting to defend Battlefield V and downplay the anti-SJW pushback from gamers. Surly Sal raged for a while but eventually gave up after gamers made it known that they aren’t taking kindly to EA’s shills or anyone even remotely willing to shill for them.

Normies in the Star Wars sector are also dragging Disney through the mud like coyotes dragging fops across the Texan ravines, only to feign playing nice when they get caught by ICE. But unlike the border hoppers, damage control articles from The Huffington Post or Vox won’t help Disney escape the wrath of angry Star Wars fans. This was apparent as the former happy-go-lucky nerds have turned their disappointment into rage and began mass-downvoting Disney’s upcoming Star Wars show.

Oh, and on there is a major downside to this week’s news. It couldn’t all be wins, right? Well, there is the whole CDPR castrating their integrity at the altar of SJWism. After leaving a small, flopping sack of of their dignity on the ground, squirming in a heap of its own bloody abandonment, CDPR proceeded to pretend as if everything was okay, and that the giant gaping hole where their respect used to be is somehow normal… then again, I suppose men with gaping holes is normal in San Francisco.

These stories and more in this August 25th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Angry Joe Gets Embroiled In Battlefield V Politics

Angry Joe attempted to give his two pesos on the topic of Battlefield V’s “weak” pre-orders, and it didn’t go over very well at all. Fans called out Joe for shilling and trying to run damage control for the poor pre-orders of Battlefield SJW. Green Man Gaming kept the politics rolling in a recent survey, asking specifically what kind of political organizations gamers would be okay with GMG supporting. Some controversy ensued when HuniePop 2 almost included a full on trans character, but the developers quickly reneged after gamers complained, and instead they added an optional toggle switch. New DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 could end up causing more controversy or possibly fix the game, but most fans aren’t holding out hope. And both Eurogamer and PC Gamer have recently advocated for Valve to censor their discussion threads and player communities.


CD Projekt Red Apologizes To SJWS, Censors Pro-Brexit Reviews

GOG.com and CD Projekt Red have been converged. Over on GOG.com the game Not Tonight sparked a lot of controversy due to being an anti-Brexit sociopolitically charged title. Those who were pro-Brexit, downvoting the game and posting negative reviews had their content removed by GOG.com. Additionally, CD Projekt Red came out in support of Social Justice Warriors, deleting a harmless tweet and apologizing to the SJWs. Hunt: Showdown is coming to the Xbox Game Preview program. Release dates for Shenmue 3 and Devil May Cry 5 have been revealed. And an FGC competitor claimed that the people complaining about Dead or Alive 6’s lack of fan-service are just “internet activists”.


Crunchyroll Attempts to Indoctrinate Anime Fans With SJW Agitprop

Crunchyroll’s attempt to indoctrinate weebs with a new Western-style anime called High Guardian Spice backfired big time when subscribers took them to task for diving headfirst into the SJW propaganda machine. Crunchyroll responded by censoring the comments and disabling the ratings on the YouTube video. GOG.com tries to win back some fan heat with a new website focused on promoting anti-DRM practices, but most gamers still aren’t willing to forgive them for turning their backs on gamers to court the SJW crowd. A new documentary called Episode Backlash is in the works that examines the controversy involving Star Wars fans being attacked by LucasFilms, Disney and the media for not kowtowing to the SJW agenda. The filmmaker also wants your input to help bring your voice to the forefront of the conversation. And DICE has revealed that they wanted to feature women more prominently in Battlefield 1, but decided instead to focus on featuring the women more prominently in Battlefield V instead.


Jewish Journalist Outs SJW Harasser, Gets Called A Nazi By SJWs

Apparently outing SJWs now automatically gets you labeled as a “Nazi” by the perpetually offended brigade. That’s what happened when journalist Cathy Young outed a sci-fi author who spends a lot of time harassing people. After Young did an expose on the harasser, SJWs ran to the harassers defense, calling Young, who is Jewish, a “Nazi”. Yes… a Jewish Nazi. Make of that what you will. After Crunchyroll got crunched by their own subscribers for funding SJW propaganda, the company made a semi-apology post explaining that they still fund Japanese content while promising to also fund original content… oh, and they’re also planning on implementing an HTML5 player starting August 28th. Steam’s adult content filter is apparently still several months out from being completed. And Star Wars fans are making their displeasure known by boycotting and downvoting all things Star Wars these days, with Star Wars: Resistance getting hit with the downvote hammer recently. 2K Games is removing loot boxes in NBA 2K games in Belgium and the Netherlands to comply with the laws. And Assassin’s Creed won’t have a release in 2019.


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