Weekly Recap Aug 4th: New York Times Defends Racism, GMG Berates Gamers, GenCon Assault
Weekly Recap

The first week of August was a firecracker. A couple of days into the waning month of summer and we had Green Man Gaming’s social media manager hating on and berating gamers for criticizing a game journalist from VG 24/7 with a fragile ego. There was an incident at this year’s GenCon where the cross-dressing male feminist owner of Elm City Games, known as “Pretty Matt”, allegedly assaulted Jeremy Hambly from The Quartering. And The New York Times decided to defend their racist editor who spouted years worth of anti-white sentiments because she apparently had a taste for vanilla cones but no cone was willing to let her set lips on its thick, sweet tip. Oh yeah, and Twitter ended up fletching a bunch of pro-Trump, Conservative Kenyans off the site because they were no longer the mollified minorities that the Left have setup with their unironic employment of the bigotry of low expectations.

I have to say, if every single week of the Weekly Recap were a cataloged work of fiction it would be too ludicrous to take seriously, and would read like some sort of dystopian sci-fi comedy; yet reality is now stranger than fiction.

These bizarre stories and more in this August 4th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Green Man Gaming Berates Gamers

Whether it be in the forums or in the news, don’t expect any non-Leftist politics to appear on Enthusiast Gaming’s relaunch of The Escapist. The editor-in-chief, Russ Pitts, has confirmed that the upcoming redo of the site will be steering clear of the kind of reporting they used to do, calling it an “Alt-Right recruitment tool”. Speaking of Leftist politics… Hollywood is rebooting Charlie’s Angels once more, this time aiming to make it more “diverse” and “empowering”, which likely means no sexy outfits and less white people in prominent roles. Fan of Halo? Well, Installation 01 is coming along nicely and is aiming to be a nice replacement for Dewrito. GreenManGaming and VG 24/7 decided to berate and belittle gamers, and the MAGFest executive director basically told gamers that he doesn’t want them attending the event after they criticized the upcoming DOOM film.


Twitter Loses More than 5,000 Kenyans For Their Censorious Ways

Twitter kicked off a prominent black blogger from its service for unveiling more corruption happening in Kenya. The blogger decided to take his audience to Gab.ai, and so 5,000 Kenyans departed from Twitter within a span of hours. There’s a new Terminator flick in the works in case you didn’t know, and the film’s first poster shows an androgynous looking Terminator in the pact. The developer of Hentai Battle Royale was kicked off of Steam recently, along with their cryptojacking games. And there’s a comparison between the Amazon Fire HD and the iPad Pro 10.7 inch.


Matt Loter Allegedly Attacks Jeremy Hambly From The Quartering

An SJW named Matt Loter who runs a board game shop attacked Jeremy Hambly From The Quartering while the two were in Indianapolis, Indiana. Loter repeatedly punched Hambly in the back of the head, according to Hambly and some eye-witnesses. There’s a comparison between Amazon’s Fire HD and the iPad Pro 10.7 inch tablets, in case you were wondering which of the two was the better buy. And now that Casey Hudson is back at BioWare, he’s been talking recently about what fans can expect from Dragon Age and Mass Effect, despite the latter game series being put on ice.


New York Times Defends Racist Tweets From Sarah Jeong

The New York Times’ newest editor, Sarah Jeong, made racist tweets against white males because she couldn’t date a handsome, rich white man. Jeong’s racist tweets encouraged others to engage in racism, but The New York Times defended the racist tweets and made an excuse for why they were made. Samsung has two new high-end phones on the horizon, and so far they have really set the tech world abuzz as the A6 and A6 Plus have a scattered release. And Game Revolution decided to join the ranks of the anti-gaming brigade by blaming Japanese for making fan-service and calling gamers “toxic” because they like fan-service and attempt to defend it from the SJWs attempting to ruin gaming. And a tabloid journalist paid for a story to paint Fortnite as an enabler of suicide, but it turns out that the guy has, in the past, fabricated stories wholesale in order to sell a few magazines.

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