World War 3 New Trailer Shows Off Infantry And Tank Gameplay

You can finally see the first look at World War 3’s gameplay right here. The new trailer shows off infantry and tank gameplay, some of the stuff that can be destroyed, and the “full body awareness system.” The Farm 51 will release the PC game later this year through Steam.

Firstly, infantry and tank gameplay are heavily at the centerpiece of the action. The former we see sliding, vaulting over objects and environment pieces, and taking shots and dishing out damage using a plethora of weapons and attachments. The latter we see strolling through the city decimating counterparts using shells and high-caliber rounds.

Instead of reading about it, you can be the judge and see if you want to enter the battlefield of World War 3 by checking out the official gameplay trailer right here:

World War 3 is said, by The Farm 51, to be a multiplayer military FPS game set in a modern time that explores a global conflict front and center. “Massive” 64-player infantry battles will be a thing, as well as personalized weapons, vehicles and drones.

As for infantry weapons, we know that shotguns consist of the VEPR, and the Remington 870. As for sub-machine guns, the Saiga 9, MPX, and Glauberyt PM-06 will be in the game. Pistols include the PL 34, the Glock 17, and the RAD 2. Lastly, light machine guns sport the PKP Bullpup and the M06. Additionally, infantry will have access to call-ins like the M777 and other dangerous weapons by accumulating battle points.

Taking a look over to the tanks, these war machines can switch up their Primary Turret and Secondary Turrets. Players can also opt out other things such as Chassis Armor, Active Armor, Grenades, and the Engine.

Lastly, the company, The Farm 51, is convinced that World War 3 will “prove to be a hit.” We’ll see how people take to the game when it becomes playable at Gamescom 2018 and PAX West (kicking-off on August 31st to September 3rd).

If you’re looking forward to World War 3, do know that it will drop this fall for PC and might hit consoles if the game does well. You can keep up with the game and devs by paying, Facebook, Twitter, or its Steam page a visit.


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