World War 3 Server Stress Test Sign-Ups Now Live

Do you want to play World War 3 earlier than other gamers? Do you want to help The Farm 51 stabilize their servers? If you answered yes to both, the devs will host the first-ever World War 3 stress test trial next week, where PC sign-ups are now live.

The Farm 51 is expecting a lot of traffic when the Early Access build of World War 3 goes live this fall, which means that an unpleasant event of server overload and other problems will occur. When issues like this happen, player frustration is heard loud and clear and can steer potential buyers away.

The devs are attempting to stifle any server mishaps by releasing a September stress trial, as noted below:

“Soldier! We need your help! Due to the high demand we’re expecting on our servers during Early Access launch, we want to test out infrastructure before we go ahead and launch our game. This means we need bodies from all around the globe to log in and help us test our backend, servers and matchmaking. In return, you’ll be able to play World War 3 earlier, for free and have an opportunity to help us make it better. Sounds like a good deal, right?”

As an important warning, though, the test will be “closed and under NDA,” which means you can’t share any footage, screenshots or information outside of the closed test forums.

You will need to provide your information to the team, and thereafter you might be selected for the server test:

“There are a few things we need from you to make sure all is good. First, we’re asking for your personal information for our own security reasons. We will not use your data for anything other than the closed test NDA verification. It will not be posted anywhere or shared with anyone.


We will be randomly selecting people to take part in our infrastructure and gameplay testing. The access will be granted in waves, starting with a small batch, so if you don’t get picked at first, there will be later tests, there’s also no need to sign up again.


Make sure your email address is correct, since we’ll be using it to contact you about the access to the test and it’s running dates!”

You can read over the full notification post or sign-up now and try to get a place in the September test by hitting up

If all of that sounds like fun, the game will run for a much lower price than the usual AAA title at launch and is set to go for $24.99 through $39.99.

If you’re looking forward to World War 3, do know that it will drop this fall for PC and might hit consoles if the game does well. You can keep up with the game and devs by paying, Facebook, Twitter, or its Steam page a visit.


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