YouTube Censors Official Senran Kagura Livestream For Sexual Content
Peach Ball Senran Kagura

During a livestream that Marvelous Entertainment and Honey Parade Games held on August 2nd, 2018, which was broadcast to discuss the second season of the anime Senran Kagura and reveal the Peach Ball Senran Kagura pinball game for the Nintendo Switch, YouTube shut the stream off and censored it on the grounds that it violated their policy on nudity and sexual content.

According to Anime News Network, things were going fine until a gravure idol named Airi Shimizu stepped up behind a cardboard cutout of the character Yumi – from the upcoming Peach Ball Senran Kagura due out this December in Japan for the Nintendo Switch – where her boobs were poking through a cutout of the chest area.

The other women hosting the livestream would shoot pinballs toward Shimizu’s boobs, and that’s when YouTube proceeded to kill the livestream.

If you attempt to visit the YouTube link, it shows the error message that the livestream has been taken down for violating the company’s policy.

The stream continued to broadcast via NicoNico Live through to completion. You can rewatch the livestream, which will be available online up until September 1st, 2018.

As you can see, there is no actual nudity in the livestream, and no actual sexual content. This is similar to what happened when YouTube manually shut down a livestream from H3H3 Productions, where they were discussing the censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars. YouTube later apologized for “incorrectly” shutting down the stream.

The censorship from YouTube managed to make its way across the Japanese blogging sites, such as Yaraon-blog.

This isn’t even the first time that YouTube has targeted Marvelous Entertainment on YouTube. Back in 2015 the company’s YouTube channel was temporarily terminated for “violating” YouTube’s terms of service, as reported by Niche Gamer.

This kind of puritan overreach from the YouTube brigade attempting to usher in Censorship Under National Technocratic Societies has truly turned the landscape into an Orwellian nightmare come true.

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