YouTube Show, It’s A Man’s World, Will Focus On Sexism In Gaming Industry
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If you haven’t been beaten over the head enough the last four years by media outlets persistently proclaiming that men are sexist, and that straight white males are evil, and that women are marginalized, and that the entire gaming industry is sexist and misogynistic, then prepare to be beat over the head some more like a housewife beating chicken in the kitchen when YouTube launches the half-hour comedy show, It’s A Man’s World.

Deadline is reporting that YouTube has ordered the pilot for It’s A Man’s World, which is being written by Theresa Rebeck of NYPD Blue and Law & Order: Criminal Intent fame, while the show will be produced by Christina Wayne’s Assembly Entertainment.

The show will be about a woman named Emma who works as a video game design executive, and is the one who takes care of the family. She supposedly has to take extra care to dodge “land mines” in the “male-dominated field” in order to retain her job. However, one day she gets inexplicably fired and blacklisted from the gaming industry.

In order to get a new job in the video game industry and provide for her family, Emma decides to dress up like a man. After pretending to be a straight white man, Emma learns that life as a man is much easier, and that she gains newfound “ease of access and power” with the privileges of being a man.

I imagine it will be like a comedy version of Law & Order: SVU’s episode based on #GamerGate.

The show aims to continue the gender divide currently ripping Western culture asunder and maintaining the negative stereotypes pushed by out-of-touch Liberals working at propaganda-driven media outlets. But then again, YouTube has no qualms about destroying Western values to push their own Leftist agenda through censorship, filters, and demonetization.

As for It’s A Man’s World… they don’t say when the show will air, but it will be interesting to see what the viewership will be like, or to take note of how many downvotes the trailer will get when it finally does premiere.

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