YouTube Temporarily Shuts Down H3H3 Podcast For Discussing Alex Jones Censorship

H3H3 Censorship

On August 10th, 2018 YouTube shut down the H3H3 livestream podcast while they were discussing Alex Jones and the Infowars censorship, giving the channel a strike in the process. Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions took his frustrations to Twitter to spotlight how YouTube censored their podcast and gave a strike to their account for discussing Alex Jones and Infowars being censored from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, Disqus, Pinterest, and according to TechCrunch, even YouPorn banned Infowars.

YouTube promptly responded by saying that they would be looking into the matter.

Two hours after investigating the claim, the Twitter account for YouTube responded by stating that shutting down the livestream podcast and striking the account was a mistake.

Most people asked YouTube how the livestream could have been taken down “incorrectly” or why a strike was given to the account for discussing Alex Jones?

YouTube opted not to respond.

Google did a similar thing earlier this year when they removed hundreds of websites from GNews without warning. They only restored the websites after webmasters complained en masse and used social media to bring the attention to the wider public. Google claimed that the websites were all removed due to a bug, but opted not to explain further.

The mega-corporations have been increasingly opaque when it comes to censoring content on their platforms, citing nebulous terms such as “hate speech” or “violating terms of service” as wide sweeping reasons to ban users and censor content.

Many Leftists have cheered on the mega-corporations censoring Infowars and other political pundits they dislike, such as Gavin McInnes, but some of the Leftist organizations have also been swept up in the censorship spree.

It’s just a matter of time before more Leftist organizations become targeted just the same as those on the Right, and at that point there will be no one to speak out for them.