303 Squadron: Battle Of Britain Graduates Early Access, But User Reviews Say It Still Needs Polish
303 Squadron

Atomic Jelly, PlayWay and Movie Games have had a historically rough go if it with the World War II flight simulator 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain. The game is themed around the British and Polish air forces during the second World War. The game was originally due out in Early Access back at the tail end of spring, but then it was delayed slightly so the developers could make some tweaks. Throughout the remainder of spring and all of summer, Atomic Jelly worked over the contents of 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain in order to improve the overall product in time for its eventual graduation from Early Access on August 31st, 2018, but it still wasn’t quite enough to win over the consumer-critics in the gaming community.

The flight sim features a very realistic approach to the setup and maintainence of the aircraft, including having a fully simulated vehicle customization system akin to Red Dot Games and PlayWay’s other simulator, Car Mechanic Simulator. You can modify the engine parts, fine tune the weight distribution, change your ammo loadout, your weapon stash, and your fuel. It’s all rather punctilious; and erudites of World War II machinery will likely take fond appreciation of what Atomic Jelly has put together from a mechanical standpoint.

The problem, however, comes in with the physics.

You can see what the general gameplay is like with the video below from YouTuber TheBlueDragon.

While the game has an interesting setup, the major issue is that most gamers have complained that the flight physics aren’t very realistic, and that the game is still plagued with a lot of bugs and glitches and performance hiccups.

The user reviews at the moment have waded into the “mixed” territory.

As Max Neon pointed out, the game has a cool concept but it’s not really ready for the prime time…

“The fact that it is not really ready is quite sad, as the overall concept and gameplay ideas are really nice. But sadly right now I wouldn’t advise buying this game. “

RogueAgent had mirrored comments, stating that the arcade-like physics and lack of realism in the flight model made it a hard pass for him, but felt like if it had stayed in Early Access a little longer it may have turned out better…

“Game looks alright. I like the idea behind swapping out my parts, sort of car mechanic simulator but in a fighter. If the planes flew like a proper flight sim it’d be great. As it is however even the Realistic setting feels incredibly arcadey to anyone used to Il2, warthunder or dcs.


“Great idea, but probably should have been in development for longer before what i can only assume is an early launch to get in more funding. “

And Toxsic also had similar complaints…

“To the Dev: Keep at it, you have something here. I will be back and will follow the development of the game in the future. It is not terrible, just not ready.”

Now the Early Access reviews are all quite positive because what’s in 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain shows a lot of promise, but the final product outside of Early Access is still rather unpolished, according to the user reviews.

I imagine if the developers don’t abandon the game, and keep working at it, fixing and ironing out some of the main issues that gamers have noted as being problematic, I think 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain will eventually turn around and become something worthwhile.

You can keep track of the development or read the user reviews for yourself by visiting the Steam store page. 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain is available for $19.99, but you can get it for 15% off the normal price during the first week of being on sale.


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