Adventure Time Finale Turns Princess Bubblegum Gay With A Lesbian Kiss

Adventure Time

During the finale of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, the series creators decided to maintain the current Liberal agenda of pushing prominent characters into turning gay in kids’ cartoons. The latest victim of the SJW scourge is Princess Bubblegum, who you would have thought would have been the love interest for Finn at the end of the series, but it turns out that Bubblegum and the vampire Marceline end up in a lesbian kiss to wrap up their battle against the big baddie.

Youtuber sabelaprendes posted up the minute long clip, where at the end of the fight Marceline checks on a battle-damaged Princess Bubblegum, and after finding out that she’s okay, the two lock-lips in a lesbian kiss.

The SJW agenda has been alive and well, and anyone who even remotely brings it up is shouted down. Just about everywhere you look there are the standard traits of typical SJW propaganda, from the strong, independent woman who doesn’t need no man, to the last-minute ditch efforts to turn a main character gay (a fate that recently befell the lead from Voltron).

According to an interview with TVLine, this was all part of storyboard artist Hanna K. Nystromthe’s plan. Executive producer Adam Muto explained…

“There was some conversation about [logistics], but it was really up to [Hanna K. Nyströmthe], the storyboard artist who got that scene, to decide what her take on it was going to be. It actually wasn’t in the outline when it was submitted. It didn’t say that they kiss. It just said they ‘have a moment.’ When Hanna boarded that, there was a little note in the margin that said ‘Come on!’ with a big exclamation point. That was the only note. I can’t argue with that.”

According to Muto, they were inspired by all of the gay nurturing featured in Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe,  a series that wrapped up with a lesbian wedding and a lesbian kiss.

Muto takes the same approach to the subject matter that the creators of The Legend of Korra did when they turned the lead gay in the series finale, telling TVLine…

“I don’t want to lay out their entire future — what their relationship will be like after this, and all that — but there are enough pieces there that you can kind of construct what their life will be like going forward. We knew that if we put this in, it would get some attention. But would it be too much attention? … Or would we be downplaying it too much? We knew we wanted to incorporate it, and in the end, you just have no control over how people will remember things.”

Obviously the LGBTQIA community and SJWs on social media are praising this decision (as they always do).

There’s never going to be pushback from the normies because they’ve already resigned away their rights to protest for kid-safe media.

This is also all part of the Liberal agenda, where you take things that seem almost family friendly and then subvert it with agitprop. We’ve seen this everywhere in almost every medium that has been converged by SJWs.

While you may have expected lesbianism and gay relationships from shows like Steven Universe, which is aimed at grown adults with the mind of children who frequent Tumblr, one would have expected more decorum from a children’s show like Adventure Time. This just goes to show that you really need to pay attention to what your kids are reading, watching and playing, especially following that recent research report Brown University retracted that indicated that a lot of teens who claim to suffer from gender-dysphoria are just following peer-pressure trends from the Social Justice Warrior-occupied areas of social media.

Parents: Watch your kids!

(Thanks for the news tip Ennis)

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