Anthem Playable Demo Will Release On February 1st, 2019

Anthem is the upcoming works of BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts (or better known as EA). The looter-shooter RPG will release on February 22nd, 2019, across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you would like to test the game early, a playable demo will go live for those who have Origin Access or pre-order the game starting on February 1st, 2019.

Firstly, the public demo for Anthem will only be available to users who pre-order the game, join Origin Access, or EA Access. The demo has very little info on it as of this writing over on, but I’m sure more details will drop leading up to the release of Anthem‘s pre-launch demo.

In the meantime, you can watch a new trailer titled “Our World, My Story,” right here:

“At the heart of Anthem is the concept of Our World, My Story – the distinctive combination of a shared, dynamic world and a personal story. Discover how these two elements help create a connected world that remains unique to every player.”

Despite all the controversy surrounding Anthem, the game piques the interests of quite a bit of people. Interest usually manifests through disappointment in EA and BioWare or excitement for the game.

Whatever you may think of Anthem, a playable build will go up in the next six months, allowing gamers to finally see what the game has to offer and if it will be a title worth sinking many hours into or skipping altogether.

There is one important note worth bringing up, though. If your Origin Access or EA Access membership is not active at the time of the demo, you won’t be able to play the demo. In other words, make sure your membership is currently live when the date of the demo arrives.

Lastly, the game will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22nd, 2019.


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