Apostle Trailer Puts An Action-Horror Twist On Period Piece Cult Genre

Gareth Evans has a penchant for for gory violence and the macabre. As a director he’s brought us some of the most gruesome and entertaining action movies in recent times. His two The Raid flicks have gone down as timeless classics. He’s hoping to add another film to that list in the form of Apostle, which is a horror-themed, action-oriented period piece about a mysterious man who ventures into a seemingly religious village in search of a missing woman, only to find that it’s not quite the divine sanctuary that it lets on.

There’s some bloody-gory mutilation taking place and some medieval torture practices being put to use in the remote village.

The story centers around Dan Stevens who plays Thomas. He’s told about his sister having gone missing in a “blasphemous” village that is engulfed in occultism. They use Christianity as a front but are more like the cultists from Red Barrels’ Outlast 2. Thomas attempts to investigate the village and retrieve his sister, but things don’t go as planned.

As the trailer unfolds we begin to see that the village nor Thomas are as they originally appear. It seems as if Thomas may have some dark secrets of his own, and we see that the way the village deals with interlopers is less than… savory.

The trailer is a high-tension masterwork.

While Netflix is fully converged with the SJW agenda, they do sometimes churn out some hidden gems like Spectral that really take audiences by surprise. In this case, Gareth Evans’ Apostle looks like the sort of film that doesn’t pull any punches.

Apostle - Torture

The last half of the trailer promises for some unsightly horror gags and some blood-curdling torture. It also appears as if Thomas will have ample amount of opportunity to exercise his violent tendencies on the cultists.

The film definitely looks interesting.

The only problem is that it’s on Netflix… but I imagine that may not be too much of a problem for some people who know their way around the internet.

Apostle is due out on October 12th next month.


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