Battlefield V Has Profanity Filter; “DLC” Reportedly Banned In Chat
Battlefield V Censorship

A lot of gamers have asked DICE for the ability to mute players they don’t like. If someone is using language you don’t like; mute them. If someone is spamming chat; mute them. If you don’t like the cut of their jib; mute them. That’s the sensible option to have, right? Not according to DICE.

Polygon spotted tweets made at the end of August by DICE producer Jaqub Ajmal, who responded to gamer requests for the ability to mute players in Battlefield V. Ajmal declined that request and instead noted that they would have a profanity filter instead.

Ajmal was further pressed for the option to simply mute players instead of seeing chat filled to the brim with asterisk-grafted words.

Others pointed out that the in-game characters use strong language, which is partly why Battlefield V is rated ‘M’ for Mature. Gamers questioned how the game could allow the characters to say profane words but players aren’t allowed to use that language. Ajmal stated that the characters are talking to one another and that players shouldn’t talk to each other like that.

Plenty of Social Justice Warriors agreed with Ajmal that players shouldn’t even have the option to individually mute players and that foul language should just be muted altogether from chat.

This obviously didn’t sit too well with most well-adjusted human beings.

But it gets worse.

According to WCCF Tech it’s more than just profanity that the chat filter censors out. Acronyms like “DLC” are also censored from chat.

The news began to spread after various gamers made posts about it on Reddit, and then the team at WCCF Tech gave it a go as well, and noticed that typing in “DLC” or “D L C” or “dlc” or “DlC” resulted in the phrase being censored.

The outlet wrote…

“DLC, d l c, DlC and any form of the word is currently banned alongside other words like ‘Jew’, ‘Nazi’ and other terms that can be used in an inflammatory and offensive way. Why it has been placed in the same category as these words is beyond my explanation – at least an explanation that makes sense from a gamers perspective.”

Banning people from saying “DLC” in chat isn’t going to change anything. In fact, it’s just going to create more anguish, in addition to the lack of being able to individually mute players from chat.

This is just more issues compounded on to the fact that a lot of people have decided to give up on the game after former EA executive Patrick Soderlund called critics and gamers “uneducated” for not liking bionic samurais in their World War II shooter that they expected to maintain some semblance of historical accuracy. Soderlund would go a step further and say that people who don’t like their alternate-fantasy World War II shooter should just not buy the game.

Gamers took his advice and didn’t pre-order the game.

EA responded by delaying Battlefield V into November, but it may be a little too late at this point. All the DICE developers who decided to subvert the expectations of fans and harried fans with agitprop in hopes of pleasing their 13-year-old daughters may soon realize that there’s one maxim that is more true today than it ever was before…

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