Battlefield V Will Supposedly Contain Historical Informational Texts
Battlefield V

Even though EA and DICE have been attempting to run around using damage control to divert attention away from the fact that Battlefield V features a Nordic black guy with a samurai sword and the now infamous ginger British woman with the cyborg appendage. What’s more is that despite the company trying to separate itself from being historically accurate in order to be the most “immersive” Battlefield game yet, they’re still including historical text and information.

According to some of the images shared on the Battlefield and Battlefield V sub-reddits, there’s an image called “Forlorn Hope”, which describes shock troops that were deployed by the Germans in World War I.

Based on the image it appears as if players receive the “real” historical facts from World War I and World War II in between maps and objectives.

It seems odd given how DICE has been heavily pushing the alternate-reality, fantasy aspects of Battlefield V. This is despite claiming that they were trying to aim for “authenticity” back in May of this year after they were confronted about the fantasy elements being included in the game.

It’s also rather telling that players had to pull the screens from the game and share it within the communities instead of it being front and center as part of the marketing push for the game. Then again, it would seem a little contradictory to try to promote real-world history while simultaneously attempting to rewrite history in order to appease one’s daughter and be on the “right side of history”.

It’s also interesting because various game journalists from outlets like Vice have been defending Battlefield from the complaints about a lack of historical accuracy, proclaiming that the series has “never” been “historically accurate”, prompting for EA and the Reddit moderators to censor the community from discussing the historical inaccuracy of Battlefield V.

One must wonder what those same journalists would have to say about Battlefield V containing historically accurate text in between rounds?

I also wonder if the game will be similar to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins, where they admitted to rewriting history in order to appear to be more “socially progressive”?

Battlefield V has been delayed out of its October release window following massive backlash from the community and extremely low pre-orders. The game is now scheduled to release in November, after Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.


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