Bloom, 18+ Yuri Eroge Coming Soon To Steam Uncensored
Bloom Uncensored

Razzart Visual recently announced that the 18+ yuri visual novel, Bloom, will launch on Steam uncensored. The news came courtesy of a post made by the developer over on the community page for another visual novel named Love Ribbon.

The developer announced…

“Bloom is an 18+ yuri eroge that explores a mismatched relationship between two women. It’s far more adult oriented than my previous titles, and features explicit uncensored yuri scenes, which brings me to my next bit of news:


“Thanks to Valve’s recent changes of allowing adult only content, Bloom will be released 100% uncensored on Steam, with no adult patch needed.”

That’s right, you’ll be able to experience the full blown bloom of the yuri love between two anime-themed chicks who will deflower their passion in the 18+ adventure.

This is yet another visual novel coming to Steam in its uncensored format. Recently a Japanese developer also released Glare1More onto Steam in its 18+ format as well, without cutting out any of the content or having to store the 18+ patch off-site.

This means more lewd games coming to Steam, and more opportunities to make the sex-negative feminists apoplectic with jealously. One would think they would take the opportunity lay off the Cheetos and donuts during midnight binges while rage-blogging on Tumblr, and maybe hit the gym every once or twice a week to lure away the weebs from the computer screen and maybe make a baby or two in order to keep the great Western society stable, but no… they would rather scream impotently into the digital ether across the cavalry of bots they’ve weaponized to retweet their painfully vapid activism.

As for everyone else who would prefer to indulge in the healthy exercise of fantasy gaming, you’ll be able to journey into the uncensored romance of Lily and her new neighbor Eve, as they explore the forbidden sensuality of their deepest erotic desires.

You can wishlist Bloom right now by visiting the Steam store page.

(Thanks for the news tip npcomplete)


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