Dead Or Alive 6 Producer Acknowledges Negative Feedback, Wants Less Extreme Fan-Service
Dead or Alive 6 Negative Feedback

Dead or Alive 6 producer Yohei Shimbori is continuing to do the PR rounds, mostly sticking with pro-SJW sites in order to sculpt a message that feminists can approve of. This includes continuing to say that they don’t want any extreme fan-service in the game and that they want the girls to look and move more “natural” and “realistic”, despite there being giant Krakens slapping people around with an oversized tentacle.

In an interview with AnimeNewsNetwork, Shimbori was asked once more about toning down the fan-service in Dead or Alive 6. The producer responded by saying that they wanted Dead or Alive 6 less “extreme” and more “natural”, which is why they got rid of the Soft Engine

“I just wanted to make it a bit less… extreme, more natural, realistic.”

This follows shortly after Shimbori said they took the fan-service  “too far” in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, and are now moving in the complete opposite direction. So much so that they even cited the recent Marvel comics as inspiration for the characters’ costume designs, which is why Kasumi is now covered head to toe.

Shimbori previously called the Soft Engine physics that powered the most recent games “cartoony” and “old”, and stated that they wanted something new, so they scrapped all of their assets and started from scratch using a modified version of the Dynasty Warriors 9 engine because it had physically-based rendering built in for the lighting. Instead of adding PBR to the Soft Engine, Shimbori thought it wiser to just scrap it altogether.

You can see the physics in play between the Soft Engine-powered Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation and Dead or Alive 6 below.

However, this created the obvious effect of having all of the animations appear stiffer and less fluent in Dead or Alive 6 since the Dynasty Warriors 9 doesn’t have a built-in physics engine like the Soft Engine. This also eliminated full-body soft-body deformation, so the characters all move less fluid and have more rigidity in their animations.

Shimbori acknowledged that the unnatural and stiff animations in Dead or Alive 6 were due to the physics engine not being complete in the new Dynasty Warriors 9 engine.

All of these problems have created a lot of fan unrest and negativity within the community. AnimeNewsNetwork asked Shimbori about the negative feedback that fans have expressed toward the game. Shimbori replied, saying…

“There’s a fair bit of negative feedback, but I also think there’s some misunderstanding. Keep in mind, we haven’t revealed everything about DoA6 yet. Don’t be so down, fans!”

This ties into what Shimbori mentioned before, where he claimed that he understood the fan frustrations and told everyone “don’t worry”.

The game was 20% complete back in August, and it’s due for release in the first quarter of 2019. We’ll see if over the next six months they can finish the rest of the animations, add in the rest of the characters, finish the rest of the stages, finish and improve the physics engine, and finally re-implement jiggle for all the girls for their boobs, butts and thighs.

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