Dead or Alive 6 TGS 2018 Video Features Honoka’s Wonky Boob Physics
Dead or Alive 6 Honoka Boob Physics

The boob jiggling is back! Well, sort of. The exclamation point may be a little premature, as the inclusion of boob physics in Dead or Alive 6 has been a serious work in progress with a big asterisk after “progress” that should read in fine print that the results may vary but are a far cry from the dynamic soft-body physics deformation featured in the Soft Engine used in Dead or Alive: Xtreme Venus Vacation. The latest gameplay demonstration coming out of the Tokyo Game Show 2018 is a perfect example of the “work in progress” tag that illustrates just how far away Team Ninja is from achieving the level of boob physics greatness that was achieved with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and DMM’s PC-based free-to-play follow-up.

GamersPrey posted up a seven minute demonstration from a stream showcasing Honoka and Kasumi doing battle in a dinosaur park. Producer Yohei Shimbori demonstrates some one-handed gameplay by tapping the bumper to pull off a multi-hit combo. You can check it out below.

One of the things they focus on is Kasumi in her traditional outfit, which highlights her thong-clad buttocks. There’s also a lot of stage transitions featuring dinosaurs picking up and carrying the characters around.

It’s bizarre that Shimbori talked heavily about making the game more “realistic” but then throws all of that out of the window with the wacky dinosaur interactions.

There’s also the inconsistency with the boob physics, where Shimbori claimed that the boobs would jiggle more or less based on their clothing, but Honoka’s boobs are bouncing all over the place while wearing a sweatshirt and a tight tee-shirt, as demonstrated in the clip captured by Miyabin.

The physics don’t make a whole lot of sense, given that the way the boobs are bouncing on Honoka is as if she’s wearing a strapless bikini rather than a shirt and jacket. There should be more friction and inertia, especially during the initial bounce.

This point of criticism is exemplified perfectly in a seven second clip from FreeStepDodge that highlights the issue at hand.

We also see that Ayane’s boobs don’t move at all in the clip. Some fanboys have tried to use the excuse that her kunoichi armor prevents her boobs from moving at all.

The thing is, the boob physics are still a far cry away from what was featured in Dead or Alive: Xtreme Venus Vacation, where the Soft Engine – while not entirely realistic – gave the characters a more natural sway. That’s not to mention that each boob moved independently from each other, so it definitely seemed more realistic than what’s been featured in Dead or Alive 6 so far. Here’s a demonstration for those of you who forgot how exquisite the Soft Engine was at rendering the juiciness and suppleness of oppai, courtesy of DOAX VV backup.

As you can see, the Soft Engine would properly calculate the position and mass of the boobs. So when the lobule under the fat presses against objects the collision detection dynamically reacts and forces the polygonal representation of the tissue upward, creating more lift and compression around the pectoral muscles where the ligament suspension resides within the breasts.

What this does is creates the impression of bounce and wiggle based on the centrifugal redistribution of gravitational force against the lower lobule of the breast and the upper fatty tissue as the characters move, jump, run, and presses their body against other entities.

Anatomy of the boob

None of that is present in Dead or Alive 6.

There’s just a lot of inconsistencies with the game from top to bottom, including the fact that Shimbori is heavily promoting the fact that you can use one button to do combos, which seems to go against the entire competitive ethos of the FGC, who probably won’t take kindly to auto-combos.

Anyway, some of the easily-swayed fans have already jumped back on to Shimbori’s leaky boat after seeing Honoka’s wonky boob physics.

Given that the game is running on a patchwork version of the Dynasty Warriors 9 engine and that they had to rebuild all of the assets from the ground up, including the physics engine, not everything is coming together as evenly as some gamers might be expecting. The roster still isn’t complete and not every character has proper jiggle physics, but they have plans on releasing Dead or Alive 6 on February 15th, 2019 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. So they have five months to finish the stages, the roster, the jiggle physics, and the movement physics.

Also, what the heck is up with the sand on Honoka’s face? Looks like she’s suffering from vitiligo.

Dead or Alive 6 - Honoka Greasy

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