Derail Valley Will Hit PC Via Steam Q4 2018 Instead Of Q2 2018

Derailed Valley has been delayed. The game is no longer on track for a Q2 2018 debut but a Q4 2018 release. However, if you are into VR games and like train sims, Altfuture might have you covered with Derailed Valley later this year. The game sees you assume the role of a train operator, where you handle different trains in dangerous terrain in first-person. The VR game is set to release sometime this year’s end for PC.

There’s no doubt that vehicle simulators fill a niche spot in the many genres of video games. The average sim allows for multiple play styles, and player made mods, which extends the lifespan of a game/sim significantly.

This can be seen in a bevy amount of simulator games and their existing player base coming back for more with each new major mod or installment.

According to the interest that Derail Valley is pulling in as of this moment I think that this game is no exception to the growing list of popular vehicular sims although time will tell with that, though.

In the meantime, Derail Valley separates itself from well know train sims by taking the player right in the conductor’s seat via VR. I’m sure a lot of players looking to use their VR set and mess around with train physics will be glad to see this game, which a recent teaser trailer exploring virtual reality functions sits below:

Derail Valley is set to come out Q4 of this year instead of its early Q2 release. In other words, folks stoked to play the VR train sim can look out for a PC (Steam Early Access) release later this year. No specific date has been announced yet, but I’m sure the game will likely release in November or December.

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