DICE Wants To Tone Down Battlefield V’s Crazy Customization And Make It More Authentic
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Electronic Arts and DICE kicked-up controversy with Battlefield 1 due to a lack of character customization, like not being able to edit the German cavalryman. Well, EA and DICE responded to the lack of customization in a very politically correct and crazy way via Battlefield V‘s official reveal trailer. After the backlash and very weak pre-order sales behind Battlefield V, it looks like DICE wants to drop the “crazy customizations” and make it “more authentic.”

Before talking about the panic button that EA and DICE are about to press, let’s look back at when BF1 released, and how there were and still are a lot of unused assets in the single-player mode that would have made for great customization for players.

To understand the situation better, a thread surrounding a video that Westie made popped up on r/battlefield a year ago about the single-player models, multiplayer skins, and other assets featured in the game.

One user whose name is deleted on the thread expressed the following:

“Let us change the helmet depending on faction and face/race. Thats it, nothing more, I refuse to think that this would be difficult to implement or that it would affect “ram” or something dumb like that. DICE won’t do it though because then no one would play a black German anymore and that would be a fate worse than death for them.


Giving us options on this level with already existing assets such as helmets and character faces would not impact performance at all.”

Another user by the name of Veekay45 noted:

“There are existing models in single player campaign that could be used in multiplayer. It’s just excuses.”

The same user would also follow up on the above post and respond to Westie by saying:

“Dice has no problem changing the UI for end of the round screen or new battlepack system, does it? Neither does it fail in transmitting 64 primary + 64 secondary weapon skins across the internet.


I myself have modded many games and anyone who has done that knows that swapping textures does not require 3D, shadow or lighting editing. And most of those who support player customization want exactly that – cosmetic changes, medals and ribbons shown on uniform, facial hair, camo variants etc. Personally I just want to choose to play as a white German cavalry. It can be cloned German assault face or just the texture. That’s it.


I understand since you appear at EA/Dice events and narrate official videos, your job as “community leader” is to defend their decisions and play the mediator role. Now, you say it takes up bandwidth and it is develorers’ call if it’s worth it – now that is true. But EA/Dice just don’t think it’s worth it, do they?”

Having played Battlefield 1 myself, I know that there is an Austro-Hungarian cavalryman that looks like the German one except he’s white. We also know that hands can be swapped easily since the different races in Battlefield 1 can use other weapons without their hands changing.

Now that we know that EA and DICE could have added different soldier customization options for players to utilize in Battlefield 1 but refused to (as seen in the glitchy Soldier Customization menu), we can conclude that there was and still is an agenda they’re pushing since they continuously update the game’s loot-box and skin system.

With all of that said, the team used the “lack of BF1 customization options” to push this whimsical politically correct take on WW2 through Battlefield V, which has not been received well at all by players as seen on the reveal trailer like/dislike ratio and in the pre-order department.

In addition to gamers, fans and the general public not taking to Battlefield V, Dan Mitre (the Battlefield series global community manager) and Andrew Gulotta (the producer of Battlefield) sat down on September 8th, 2018, to address the crazy customizations and how they want to tone it down from the trailer and make it “more authentic.” You can check out a small clip of the stream by MrFrog right here:

The full video can be seen over on twitch.tv/videos.

The game will still follow the looking-glass of DICE, meaning that the expected features as seen during Battlefield V‘s marketing campaign will still be present. However, at this point, it doesn’t really matter if they reduce the crazy customization due to fact that the damage has already been done by Patrick Söderlund, the word filter, and other ill practices.

Battlefield V will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 20th, 2018.


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