Distance, Tron-Inspired Racing Game Graduates From Steam Early Access


Refract Studios’ crowdfunded futuristic, neon-colored, Tron-inspired racing game, Distance, has officially graduated from Early Access on Steam.

After several years of Early Access development, the team finally managed to complete version 1.0.

With the 1.0 release the team cleared the leaderboards and removed broken times, as well as cleaned up some other bugs, ironed out some quality of life features, and ensured that the game runs clean and pristine both in the local split-screen mutliplayer, the online multiplayer, the ghost times, the cross-platform multiplayer, and the single-player story mode.

Yes, the game has a fully featured Adventure mode that takes players through a series of tracks to uncover the story behind the mysterious fracture happening within the world. The Adventure mode mostly works as one long tutorial sessions, teaching players how to ride on walls, defy gravity, fly, dodge obstacles, and navigate the more complex sections of a track. All of these skills are quite useful when applied to the game’s Arcade mode and the custom tracks that other players can build. And yes, the game lets you construct and share tracks through the Steam Workshop.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

This is easily one of the most fully featured racing games to come out in recent times.

The four-player split-screen mode is a bundle of fun, and the game’s dynamic vehicular deconstruction and physics systems keeps all players on the edge of their seat as they race towards the finish line.

A thumping industrial EDM soundtrack accompanying the game’s pulsating visual vibes really helps bring the aesthetics to life on all fronts, assaulting the senses with sights and sounds to keep gamers entrenched in a trance of techno-racing wizardry.

It was well worth the price of entry when it was in Early Access, but I imagine for anyone who enjoyed the whole visual motif of Tron: Legacy will thoroughly enjoy the gameplay and graphics of Distance. You can pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for $24.99.

Also, if you’re one of those unlucky saps who tossed all your coins away on a VR headset, Refract Studios took pity on your poor souls and implemented a VR mode so you can give your headset a bit of a workout beyond surfing the web for porn, which is the only thing VR is good for anyway.

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