Dolmen, Cosmic Horror ARPG Surpasses Kickstarter Goal With 18 Days To Go

Brazilian development outfit, Massive Work Studio, recently announced that they managed to surpass the initial Kickstarter goal for their Soulsborne Lovecraftian-inspired action-RPG called Dolmen. The game has managed to hit $15,000 and it still has 18 days to go.

The team originally tried to Kickstart the game earlier in the year but didn’t fare too well, resulting in the crowdfunding efforts coming up short. At this point they’ll likely hope to hit some of the stretch goals at the $20,000 and $30,000 marks.

After it was announced back in March and the crowdfunding efforts came up short, they then moved over to Crytivo a couple of months later to gather up more funds and bring the game to life.

The cosmic horror third-person action title sees players as a traveler on an exploration mission that goes wrong and you end up trapped on an extremely hostile planet filled to the brim with all manner of xeno-horrors.

Players will have to acquire melee weapons to fend themselves off from the enemies of the early goings of the game, but then it becomes necessary to fashion projectile weapons from the gear and blueprints you unlock throughout the game.

The $15,000 is basically going to be enough to fund an open-beta version that the team has plans to release on Steam. If all goes well they’re hoping to acquire a publisher and proceed to make a full-fledged version for the Xbox One and PS4, along with supporting a cooperative online mode so you can team up with a buddy and fight aliens together… if you want.

The main focus on the game is a horror-filled alien experience where there are large monsters to encounter, dark caves to explore, and cool weapons to craft and unlock.

You can learn more about Dolmen right now by visiting the Kickstarter page, or if you’re really compelled to see the project come to life you can pledge some funds toward it.


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