Dungeon Kitty R18+ Patch Available For Side-Scrolling Platformer
Dungeon Kitty

Zov Game Studio’s Dungeon Kitty released on Steam for PC on August 31st, 2018. How it managed to escape Valve’s all-encompassing content filters I’m not sure, but if you’ve been itching to play a side-scrolling, 3D platformer that also sports nudity and sexual content, well Dungeon Kitty offers it in spades thanks to a new R18+ uncensored patch.

The developers made a post on the Steam forums indicating that the uncensored patch was available for download. You can grab the file right now from the Mega.nz link.

The file is 9.9MB large, which isn’t very big at all.

SteamUncensored has instructions on how to install the patch:

  1. First download the patch
  2. Extract the contents of the file
  3. Open up the folder: steamapps / common / Dungeon Kitty/
  4. Copy the folder AssetBundles into the / Dungeon Kitty/ folder.
  5. Overwrite the files when prompted.

You should have a fully uncensored version of Dungeon Kitty at this point.

Some of the people in the forum thread warned the developers that it was against the rules to post the uncensored patches in the Steam forums, but so long as SJWs don’t catch wind of it and report the developers then they should be okay.

As for the game itself… Dungeon Kitty is a side-scrolling platformer. It’s labeled by the developers as a minimalist leisure adventure game. It features more than 100 random levels, and is based on collecting as many gold coins as possible.

It doesn’t have the best of review scores because some feel it’s repetitive and boring, but if you already paid $3.99 for the game you may as well get the R18+ patch to make it worth your time.

During the initial first week of launch it was marked down by 30% off, so you only had to pay $2.79. If you don’t already own it, Dungeon Kitty seems like the kind of game you can pass up for something… meatier.


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