EA Prohibits Origin Users From Using “White Man” As User ID
White Man Censored

Battlefield V isn’t the only EA product that prevents you from saying “white man” in any capacity within the game. If you attempt to create a user ID for a new Origin account you won’t be able to use “white man” as the handle… nor “white dude”… nor “white soldier”… nor “white warrior”. In fact, any general combination of “white” and the gender pronouns for “man” are prohibited.

A user notified us that “white man” or “whiteman” or any combination of the word cannot be used to create a user ID for EA’s digital distribution platform, Origin. A few screenshots were shared of testing using the words to create an account.

Weirdly enough, if you wanted to signify your association with the Aryan Brotherhood, it is possible to make a handle containing the callsign, so long as it doesn’t include “white” and “man” together.

It seemed too bizarre to be true, so there were a few tests run to see if it was true that “white man” could no longer be used to create an account. Sure enough, it’s true.

Putting the words together, separate, or in any combination together gives you an error that says “ID contains a prohibited word or character”.

However, other handles such as “White Guilt”, “White Guilty”, and “White Criminal” are all fine to use. And to be fair, you can also use the ID “Innocent White Man”.

If you think that it has something to do with “man” or “white” individually, you’re wrong. You can very much use the name “WhiteWoman” or any combination of the handle and numbers together.

If you attempt to do the same thing with “White Man”, by adding a numerical value to the name, such as “WhiteMan2” or “WhiteMan150”, the name is prohibited from being used.

Oh, but you can definitely make a screen name such as “BlackMan250” or “AsianMan250” or any other race and a numerical value combined with “man”.

This means that DICE censoring the Battlefield V chat from allowing terms like “White Man” is not happenstance, nor is it a mistake, nor is it some glitch in the algorithm. You can even test it for yourself by attempting to create a user ID over on the Origin website.

YouTuber YongYea pointed to a response from a DICE community manager who commented on the profanity filter for Battlefield V, stating that they were still refining the tool.

If you don’t want to watch the video for the quote, it was posted up over on the Battlefield V forums in a closed thread on September 4th, 2018 where community manager Braddock512 stated…

“One of the new features we’re working on is a profanity filter in-game to reduce toxicity.


“That being said, we have heard some complaints that the filter is blocking words that aren’t profanity or shouldn’t be blocked, like “DLC”, etc. and isn’t blocking some words that should be (obviously, I will not be providing examples of these.)


“Please note: This is a work-in-progress and we will be taking this feedback to tweak the sensitivity of the filter and improve its usage without censoring relevant conversation.
Healthy discussion is what drives improvement in our games, and we’d never want to impede that.


“Thanks for bringing your concerns to us regarding the current iteration of the profanity filter and we’ll keep working on it.”

Obviously this doesn’t address the fact that “white man” is still prohibited from being used when creating an Origin account.

Coupling this kind of deliberate race-based censorship with the gross mischaracterization of World War II as this fantasy setting all while touting to promote some measure of historical facts in the game is a huge slap in the face to the community.

It was also discovered that some of the modelers didn’t even know how to make some of the weapons, misplacing the trigger on the mesh of a classic rifle.

Low pre-orders, executives and designers who call their fans “uneducated”, and a game that doesn’t seem to be designed for any actual consumer market doesn’t bode well for the success of Battlefield V. The added measure of racism is basically going to be an added nail in the coffin.

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