eSports Legend Demo Currently Available For Download
eSports Legend

The Chinese apparently really love the idea of becoming a legendary gamer in the realm of e-sports. This is exemplified with one of the more highly anticipated games coming out from 90Games and Coconut Island Games called eSports Legend.

There’s a demo that you can download right now by clicking “Download” button over on the Steam app page.

The demo recently became available for the indie game, which originally got its feet wet in the world of interactive entertainment by appearing on Steam Greenlight years ago. The game was eventually greenlit and then went through the grueling development process before finally having a demo made available.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see what eSports Legend is all about.

So as you can see, the 2D game is a strategy management title. Your objective is to create your very own e-sports team and help cultivate and nurture their skills to become the best in the business.

Once you recruit a team of players from around the world (though mainly you’re going to want South Koreans, some Japanese, a couple of Russians, and maybe a Chinese or two), you’ll need to put them through the grind so that they can get good at the games you want to dominate, and then schedule them to compete against other teams from around the world.

The game features dozens of different e-sports cups to go after, including the four major leagues. The game also retains real-life authentic competition setups, and a realistic club management system where you’ll have to manage sponsorships to keep your players paid, and attempt to use grassroots methods to get your team recognized within the competitive gaming community.

It’s a little bit like the other game eSports Life, but instead of trying to rise through the ranks and become a solo superstar, you’re managing and team and attempting to become a major brand in e-sports competition in eSports Legend.

You can grab the free demo for the game right now from over on the Steam store. According to Coconut Island Games, you can look for the game to launch at some point in 2018.


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