Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies Gameplay Walkthrough
Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Ubisoft pumped out the Far Cry 5 DLC for the Dead Living Zombies add-on for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, which features gamers heading to a zombie-infested area and battling against the undead. For gamers interested in checking out the DLC or for those of you who have the DLC and need a little help with it, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available.

Youtuber Game Intros & Finales has a full walkthrough of the new content, which is only an hour long. The DLC is also filled to the brim with SJWism, and features a lot of typical SJW tropes and characters. You can check out the video below.

After the intro cinematic, players take on the role of a black man with a shotgun.

You have to basically destroy all the zombie containers.

You start with a rifle and a shotgun. On your map there’s a a yellow indicator to show where each container is located.

The yellow nav markers will point you in the direction on where to go, so just follow them, kill the zombies and blow up the glass canisters filled with the yellow substance.

Keep in mind that as the script writer describes the story some of the gameplay elements will change on the fly, so be ready for things to change depending on what the narrator mentions.

Make your way into the barn and destroy the last canister.

Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies - Burned Bridges

Burned Bridges

The next mission is called Burned Bridges and you take on the role of a Latina soldier, who is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

She has to get to the other side of the bridge. Follow the linear pathway across the bridge and destroy the mutation stations.

Blow up the mutation station at the truck and it will open up a small pathway so you can move through the hole to get to the other side. The script writer mentions that there’s an explosive tanker. You can’t use your gun to blow up the tanker. Go back near the flaming bus and there’s a turret gun that you can use to blow up the red tanker to open up the pathway to the next segment.

The next segment involves using a grappling hook to climb up the destroyed part of the bridge. Simply look up and press the button prompt to throw the grappling hook and climb up the tipped over train car.

Proceed through the tunnel and through the homeless shelter inside the train car and then follow the very linear pathway up the steps and get the machine gun to fight the Sasquatch.

Light up the Sasquatch like glowing polyester under pink neon lights.

Once the Sasquatch gets murdered like a low-income resident on a weekend in the wrong part of Chicago, proceed through the opening and kill the zombies until you reach the end of the level.

Far cry 5 Dead Living Zombies - Undying Love

Undying Love

You play yet ANOTHER female character, this time you play an ugly looking feminazi named Juliet who has to save Romeo. She looks like a typical hideous SJW from Twitter with a shaved head, purple hair, a nose ring, and man’s body.

Anyway, you have to guide manly Juliet through the graveyard. Follow the fiery glow of burning wreckage and take out the zombies along the way. The yellow nav marker will take you through the graveyard where you’ll face off against a new enemy, the Behemoth.

Proceed into the inner cemetery where some of the mutation stations are located. There are a lot of zombies in the area who will chase you. You’ll need to kill the zombies while attempting to destroy the mutation stations. The best thing to do is kite the zombies around the area and shoot the canisters whenever you get a little breathing room.

When the scaffolding appears after you destroy all the canisters, proceed to climb up to the top of the church and take the sniper rifle.

Snipe off all of Romeo’s gang members and then proceed down into the area where Romeo is located. Kill off the remaining gang members and then go to the coffin to end the stage.

Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies - Escape The Rooftops

Escape The Rooftops

Yet another SJW-laden hero, this time one of them is a chick with a shaved head and purple hair and the other is a Mexican gang member. The louses at Ubisoft are seriously creatively bankrupt and even their SJW characters are unoriginal.

Anyway, you have to survive on the rooftops by killing a million zombies. This is a survival mission where you need to kill the zombies until the next wave of zombies appear.

You don’t need to worry about waypoints or nav markers. Just kill all the zombies until the narrator brings in the next set of zombies.

Once you get done with the turret segment a bunch of zombie wolverines will come out. You’ll need to run to the other side of the rooftops otherwise the wolverines will swarm you and kill you.

Go climb up on one of the ledges and use the flamethrower to kill the wolverines.

When you finish killing the wolverines the Vulturez gang will appear. If you still have the flamethrower simply take down the gang members. The enemies will appear on your radar as red dots. Just hunt them down and kill them to finish the mission.

Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies - Killer Climate 2

Killer Climate

You finally get to play as a straight, white male in this level, but it’s still steeped in Leftist propaganda as it’s about climate change.

Anyway, make your way down the mountain and the first thing that will happen is a wolf will bite your leg. Beat the wolf over the head like a guy wearing a wife-beater t-shirt beats his… well, beats his wife.

Kill the killer zombie wolves and make your way to rock climbing gear and use the grappling hook to scale the mountain. There are grapple points that you need to scale.

Eventually you’ll come across a lever-action rifle. You can take it if you want and proceed through the water. A zombie moose, a zombie bear, and some zombie wolverines will be waiting for you on the other side.

You’ll need to circle around and use the environment to your advantage otherwise they’ll swap you and kill you.

Once you finally kill all the animals, head toward the gazebo and take out the rabid zombies.

Move around the edge of the river up toward the picnic area.

More zombies will pop out. You might want to lure them back down the path and use the hills and trees to separate them and pick them off to avoid being swamped.

Once you take out the zombies at the picnic climb up the ladder on the right side of the truck at the gate and then follow the pathway until you reach the nav marker. The writer will then put a Blood Dragon from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in the game. There’s an LMG that will spawn in and you can use it to take out the zombies.

The Blood Dragon will chase you down, so stay on the move and use the environment to your advantage. Once you kill all the zombies the mission will end.

Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies - The Fast and the Fiendish

The Fast And The Fiendish

The next mission involves a dudebro who gets bit by his zombie girlfriend, and he has to race against time to get to the hospital in order to avoid turning into a zombie, since he’s a chemist.

This mission is mostly a race against the clock. Follow the roadway up to the hospital until you reach the roadblock. Use the melee attack on the soldier and take his gun. Alternatively there’s a gun and some ammo in a stash on the right side of the soldier at the road block. Take it and kill the zombies and soldiers in your path and race inside the camp to end the mission.

Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies - Laboratory of the Dead

Laboratory of the Dead

This is yet another SJW-filled mission. It starts with a female President of the United States representing Hillary Clinton calling the main heroine, a lesbian-looking badass black female soldier who is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need no man.

She heads toward a laboratory filled with zombies, and so you have to use the jet-ski to drive through the marsh to get to the lab.

Follow the navpoint and kill the zombie bear before you reach the lab. Kill the zombies and go inside the lab. Head down into the lab and hop into the elevator shaft.

Kill the Behemoth zombie by shooting the glowing oozing spot on its back.

This is treated somewhat as a boss fight, so if you can’t beat it you can actually run past it and use the grappling hook to go up the other side of the elevator shaft. There’s a dog right at the top, so kill it and make your way through the lab.

Continue through the lab and take out the hordes of zombies along the way.

The corridors are tight in this area and there’s nowhere to hide. You will have an M16 at your disposal, but it burns through ammo quick. Use your ammo wisely and pick off the zombies with headshots.

Once you destroy all of the capsules in the main room you need to go unlock the vault at the bottom of the capsule machine and then dive into the vat of goo to end the mission.


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