Frostpunk’s The Fall Of Winterhome Free Expansion Pack Now Available

11 Bit Studios announced that Frostpunk’s first big expansion pack is currently free to download right now. Anyone who already owns a copy of Frostpunk will be able to experience the DLC right now through an automatic update.

The expansion pack isn’t actually an expansion to the existing story, but rather a retelling of events that preceded the main storyline just before catastrophe struck.

The free expansion will offer up several additional hours of gameplay for anyone interested in playing through more content of the real-time strategy city management game set in a dieselpunk post-apocalyptic dystopia.

You can check out the trailer for the Fall of Winterhome below to get an idea of what the new content looks like.

The trailer features a look at the city in ruins after the furnace finally goes out. As a prelude to the main story I’m still a little perplexed how it all ties in, but I suppose that’s the purpose of playing through the expansion pack, right?

Frostpunk came out back in April of this year, garnering a massive amount of positive reviews from gamers who enjoyed the solid gameplay experience and the fair price. The game sold hundreds of thousands of copies within a matter of weeks thanks to its unique setting, original premise, and solid gameplay design.

That’s not to mention that visually the game has a very distinct, bitter-cold look as the lighting and the tone of the design all tie in perfectly to accommodate the post-apocalyptic survival setting that the story centers around. There’s always this foreboding sense of failure lurking around nearly every decision you make, which really helps bring the game to life in a tense manner that prompts players to maintain a strategic sense of wits about them.

It’s just further proof that the real innovation in gaming takes place in the AA sector.

You can pick up a digital copy of Frostpunk right now from the Steam store for $29.99. The Fall of Winterhome is live for anyone already owns a copy of the game and will update automatically for you.


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