GameTrack Survey Touches On Why European Gamers Buy Physical And Digital Games

I’m sure you’ve read rumors about one of the next-gen consoles offering up digital games or something, or I’m sure you’ve probably read an editorial or opinion piece on another site about games going digital, right? If not, it looks like gaming analyst GameTrack has caught wind of those rumors and conversations and wrote up a report on why gamers (specifically Europeans) buy physical and digital copies of video games.

Publication outlet teamed up with ISFE and Ipsos Mori’s GameTrack to find out why gamers choose physical or digital copies.

In this particular study, the outlet and firm selected 3,090 people from Spain, the UK, France, and Germany to come up with the following numbers and percentage.

Physical Copies

Firstly, the report noted that the people interviewed like acquiring physical copies because they “simply like having a boxed collection.” Out of the participants, 32% noted that “owning a collection is why they chose physical over digital.”

The survey also documented that 18% of respondents say they “bought a physical item because it was discounted in store,” while 13% note that it “costs less money to buy games physically.”

In addition to physical copies, 17% of the people surveyed said they like the ability to “lend a game, sell a game or gift a game” or “to play the game in different locations or lend to a friend/family member.”

The site also reported that 13% said they want the “ability to give the game to someone else.” We also learn that 12% said they “like the ability to sell the game when they are finished.”

The survey also pulled up info that 7% say they pick “physical due to poor internet speed,” while 5% say that their “internet access is limited.” We also learn that 10% pick physical over digital “due to the amount of memory a game eats up.”

Around 3% of the people surveyed said their decision to buy boxed games “was due to the lack of a credit card or PayPal account,” while 4% said they don’t like “inputting personal information online.” The survey also listed 5% saying they don’t trust “online retailers with their details.”

The survey also highlighted that 6% of the people interviewed like the appeal of “special and collector’s editions,” while 9% say they live near shops that sell games, and 6% said they like physical over digital because some games just can’t be downloaded.

Digital Copies

As for the digital side, the same people surveyed noted that the biggest reason for downloading a game was “price.” According to the survey, 30% said it is “cheaper to buy digitally than physically,” while 20% said they bought a game digitally because of discounts.

Around 16% of respondents said they like “downloading because it means they have all of their games wherever they go.”

We also learn that 15% said they buy digital “because the games they bought weren’t available physically,” which the website speculates that they would have bought a physical edition if it were available.

Another 15% said that they bought digitally “because they wanted to play the game immediately as they saw it on Xbox Live/PSN/Steam.” The survey also found that 11% said they go digital since “they don’t want to leave their home.”

We also learn that 7% said they buy digital “as there are no shops near where they live,” while another 7% said they like to “pre-order and play the game the moment it is released.”

The survey also relayed that 10% of respondents said: “physical games simply take up too much space.” Other reasons that tally up to 9% include having a code or voucher to use, and 6% wanted to access the season pass content.

Lastly, the publication site notes that when it comes to AAA launches, an estimated 75% of an average game’s sale still comes via “physical goods,” but the study claims that 23% of respondents (from the survey) prefer to download games rather than buy physical discs or cartridges.

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