Glare1More Visual Novel Launches Uncut On Steam Without Adult Patch
Glare1More Uncensored

Some developers are learning that you no longer need to issue a separate adult patch for games launching on Steam. Usually the game launches in its censored form on Steam and then the 18+ patch is distributed either through the official website or from another source. However, in this case Japanese developer Kurenaibook announced that Glare1More is currently available on Steam in all its 18+ glory without requiring a separate patch.

Kurenaibook made a post over on the Steam page, indicating that the game was on Steam without requiring any sort of patches, stating…

“I am pleased to be able to publish new games to Steam. “Glare1more” is old school text adventures with Visual novel element. you need to find a keyword and truth from talk with mysterious maid robot “Glare”. it contain Adult-Only scene and it’s 100% UNCUT !! you don’t need any patch.”

According to another post made on September 14th, all of the CG images have been added to Glare1more, but noted that you couldn’t see the H-scenes in the gallery yet. I’m not entirely sure what the hold-up is but those are being added at a later date for the English version of the visual novel.

Glare1More is a word entry game, it’s based around a female robot named Glare who arrives at the house of the player-character in a cardboard box.

The objective is to engage in conversation with Glare 1 in order to advance the story. One element of the story campaign centers around investigating an accident, where you’ll need to examine the clues and items scattered around the place.

The visual novel features Live2D animations, so it likely won’t even run on Windows XP systems, according to the developer. There’s no background music and the sex scenes are the same in the English release as they were in the Japanese version of the game.

You can pick up a digital copy of Glare1More right now from the Steam store for $7.99.


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