Happy Corruption Sends Best Regards to Betsy. With a Toilet Plunger

It’s Monday morning so pardon me if I’m not seeing this right, but an infected milk station in the middle of space? Mootants, a farmer called Best Regards and a giant udder in that banner image up above?

Yeah, seems like the perfect pretext for an absurd twin-stick shooter and that’s what Space Cows is; I found one of developer Happy Corruption’s minions lurking on Facebook the other day, and he seemed to tell me that his Polish bosses’ first game is all about finding simple solutions to astronomical problems.

Like strapping a bathroom plunger to a naked farmer. Best Regards never wanted to part with his best bovine Betsy, but when one man in black decides to abduct and confine her to a zero-gravity milk station, we’re out for vengeance.

Naturally there’s plenty of physics-based action to enjoy here especially with the space station infested by swarms of green goo. Regards can fire his plunger at these, collect globules of milk for some purpose, dodge obstacles/traps, and look phenomenally good doing it using SlowMootion.

Furthermore, it seems like our spook may have had quite the affinity for kine, as you’ll also happen upon other cows floating around the madhouse. These must be saved by either grabbing, dragging and hurling them into TV-like contraptions, or indulging in The Milk Must Flow Show type mini-games with them.

Difficulty is supposed to be nuts, which after a soft learning curve at the beginning, escalates for the next 2-4 hours of game-play. There’s no re-playability inducing roguelike elements here either, Happy Corruption preferring instead to encourage players naturally return to Space Cows purely for the fluidity of its game-play mechanics.

Which shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, considering the now outdated pre-alpha footage of the game below makes it look like a ballet.

You’ll notice there was no plunger in place at the time either. When Space Cows finally releases Q1 2019, it might also contain stealth segments, vehicular sequences, before finally culminating in a massive boss fight that brings Betsy home I presume.

Seen on Steam.

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