Highway Blossoms 18+ Adult Patch Now Free To Download On Steam

Highway Blossoms - Uncensored Patch

The uncensored train continues on, this time with AlienWorks and Sekai Project’s Highway Blossoms. The yuri visual novel released back in mid-2016 and has picked up a solid audience, but the game was duly censored to comply with Valve’s previous content policies about not allowing sexual content on Steam. Now that the three new filters for adult content have been put into place, now a lot of adult-themed visual novels are receiving R18+ and uncensored patches, and Highway Blossoms was one of those games.

Over on the Steam community thread AlienWorks announced that the adult patch is available as a free DLC download for the Steam version of the game.

You can download the free 18+ DLC from the Steam store page.

All you have to do is click the big green “Download” button to install the patch and unlock the new nude sprites and uncensored sex scenes.

Highway Blossoms 18+ Patch

According to the post, the 25MB patch adds new sprites to one sequence, and two uncensored sex scenes near the end of the game from illustrator Weee/Raemz. The first scene takes place after the Las Vegas section and the other is after Amber and Marina makeup after their argument.

Take note that you will have to log into your Steam account and you will have to modify your filter settings in order to even reach the DLC page.

If you haven’t modified the settings in your account yet, you will likely get a prompt that will ask you if you want to exclude adult content or not. You’ll have to select that you do want to see adult content and then you will be able to access the DLC page. Otherwise the DLC page will keep redirecting you back to another page.

You can also purchase a digital copy of Highway Blossoms from the Steam store for $12.99.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard)

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