IDW Loses $801,000 In Third Quarter; Comic Sales Still In The Gutter
GI Joe IDW Sitterson

Late last year in 2017 IDW cancelled the SJW-themed G.I. Joe comic book run under Aubrey Sitterson’s helm. This took place after Sitterson began a war with fans and began denigrating the men and women of the U.S., armed forces.

Despite getting rid of Sitterson and shelving the SJW-themed run of G.I. Joe, things still didn’t get better for IDW Publishing, as noted by ICV2.

The media publisher posted a loss of $801,000 in the last quarter, which is actually up $300,000 from last year during the same period, where they were down $1.1 million during the third quarter.

One of the biggest areas where they were down was comic books and graphic novels, which dipped by $173,000.

IDW blamed the industry leaders, however, stating in the financial report that the comics took a dive because of the…

“[…] industry cyclical downward pressure driven by market leaders,” [along with] “timing of significant major brand titles.”

I tend to doubt that excuse holds much weight when you see independent comics like Jawbreakers and Cyberfrog generating hundreds of thousands of dollars, showing that fans absolutely do love comics and want to support them, but don’t want to put money into the coffers of propagandists.

Nevertheless, IDW seems more focused on the television and production department, where they took out a $5 million bridge loan to finance costs in lieu of “other financing sources”. This includes working on additional episodes of third season content for Wynonna Earp, the lesbian-themed supernatural show, and other shows such as October Faction, V-Wars and Brooklyn Animal Control.

The company also added Sonic The Hedgehog to its comic book line-up, which joins other franchises under IDW’s label, such as Transformers: Lost Light, which became infamous for turning two of the Autobots into transgender characters.

It looks like catering to the perpetually offended crowd didn’t pay off over the last two years, and we’ll see if IDW course-corrects before they bleed anymore money or if they’ll just keep moving in their current (declining) direction.

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