Japanese Broadcasting Org Receives Complaint About People Complaining About Late Night Anime
Late Night Anime

A concerned otaku wrote in to the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization, an NGO that covers ethics in television and media broadcasting, in order to complain about people who omplain about late night anime.

The complaint appeared as the last entry on the August, 2018 list of notable complaints that the BPO received, which you can view over on the official website.

An English translation was provided by Soranews24, where the otaku wrote…

“Too many people are complaining about late-night anime. Late-night anime is broadcast in those time slots so that young kids won’t stumble upon it by accident when flipping through the channels, so it’s ridiculous for parents to worry about ‘What if my kid sees this?’ If your kids are still awake when late-night anime is being broadcast, that’s because you’re not fulfilling your responsibilities as a parent and making your kids go to bed. It’s not the anime’s responsibility to do that for you.”

It’s both interesting and somewhat alarming that this complaint appeared on the BPO website. The reason for that is because in some cases it means that Japanese anime watchers recognize that busybodies are ruining media and are speaking up, but in other cases it also means that there are growing complaints about sexy-time anime in Japan.

Those of us acclimated to the nuances of the Culture War understand that once the complaints about sexy animes and video games start, they don’t end until the games and anime are censored. The West learned about this the hard way, and South Korea was flagellated into submission before they could even mount an offense due to the overbearing authority of divisive groups like Megalia allowed to run wild while the former President was engaged in the eight goddesses feminist conspiracy plot.

Nevertheless, we’ve been slowly seeing the growth of Japan’s gaming and anime industry coming under consistent fire recently and hopefully the otaku stand firm and continue to fight back against the SJW scourge, lest #AnimeGate become a reality.

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