Kojima Productions Will Show Off Death Stranding At TGS 2018

Want to know a bit more about Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding? If the E3 showing left you thirsty for more, or you seek to unveil every last bit of what the PS4 exclusive has to offer, you’re in luck given that Death Stranding will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

That’s right, Kojima Productions will make an appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show to show off Death Stranding. The dev team will take the stage on September 23rd, near the end of the event, where Hideo Kojima himself and cast members of the Japanese version of the game will appear.

In addition to the above, attendees who take up the chance to explore the event are told to keep their eyes opened for the “Kojima Productions Store.”

Kojima Productions’ Twitter account features the aforementioned as seen below:

Moreover, Death Stranding development is said to be the fastest thing that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has seen. Kojima was cited on publication site ryokutya2089.com saying the following:

“SIE told me they ‘never seen people working on a fast pace like this,’ so Death Stranding development is doing well.”

The publication site highlighted that answer from a December 2017 issue of Dengeki PlayStation. It’s unclear how development is going right now on the upcoming PS4 title, but seeing that Death Stranding will be featured at TGS 2018, I’d assume that the team is still making significant headway.

Lastly, Kojima did note that Death Stranding will try and venture beyond the conventional/traditional definition of “action” and “RPG” found in similar open-world titles. In other words, we should see even more unique footage or interactions in the world of Death Stranding than the E3 2018 showing when this year’s TGS rolls around.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4 and has no official release date as of this moment.


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