Love’s Sweet Garnish R18+ DLC Now Available To Download
Love's Sweet Garnish 18 Patch

Sekai Project and Canvas+Garden’s Love’s Sweet Garnish launched on back on September 7th. The game is a visual novel with plenty of loli characters for those of you who prefer the moe look with the flat-chested visage. For gamers who just can’t get into visual novels without the R18+ content, the patch is currently available… albeit for a price.

Yes, you can download the adult patch as DLC for $3.99 from the Denpasoft page.

The paid DLC means that you have to pay for the fap-worthy content.

Love's Sweet Garnish

The DLC description page doesn’t say much about what to expect from the adult version, other than that it turns the Steam version from all-ages into the R18+ version.

Over on the forums a few years have been asking about the patch, but Sekai Project has been quick to delete the threads, likely to avoid having Love’s Sweet Garnish moved into the holding cell for games that will be affected by the new adult filters.

The visual novel itself is about Ogisawa Asaki, a new academy student who arrives in the town of Hanao Usaka.

He lives at his grandmother’s house that also doubles as a cafe for the local residents. After his grandmother falls ill, Asaki takes on the task of attempting to revive the forlorn cafe.

After hiring in two girls to work as part-time staff, Niwasaki Rira and Shionomiya Richer, love begins to blossom as Asaki sets out on a journey to restore the prestige of the once idyllic eatery.

Love’s Sweet Garnish features fully voiced characters in Japanese, comes with two different routes depending on your choices, and features a full music and CG gallery for the images you unlock along the way.

You can pick up a digital copy of the visual novel from over on the Steam store for $12.99.


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