Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC Featuring Covered-Up Black Cat Courts Discord
Spider-Man Black Cat DLC

Insomniac Games’ upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man release for the PS4 sports post-launch DLC in the form of missions featuring Black Cat. Not only is she far more covered up in this rendition (since sexy women baring cleavage are no longer allowed in Western AAA games) but the announcement of the DLC ahead of the game’s launch on September 7th did not go down well with non-fanboys at all.

The trailer introduces Felicia, the Black Cat, as the main attraction in the DLC titled “The Heist”. She’s portrayed very similar to Catwoman, but this time she comes without the cleavage. The DLC is scheduled to release on October 23rd, next month, exclusively for the PS4. You can check out the DLC trailer below.

Fanboys keep the like to dislike ratio high, but normal gamers aren’t fond of advertising DLC before the game is even on store shelves.

A few people lamented Black Cat’s fully-covered getup.

But that’s no surprise given that one of the writers for the game is the ultra-feminist Sam Maggs.

Yes, the same Sam Maggs who claimed she was virtually raped in Grand Theft Auto V.

Anyway, the rest of the comment section broke down into a battle between shills supporting fleecing practices by publishers, and actual gamers pointing out how publishers are fleecing gamers with their DLC practices.

Thankfully, there were a few levelheaded gamers who informed the rest of the community how bad the cut-content practices of selling games and DLC is actually harmful to the culture.

This also made its way onto Twitter, where more debates broke out over the DLC practices being exercised for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Of course, there are also fanboys running to Sony’s defense, conjuring up those old moments when the SDF was a big thing during the fledgling PS3 years.

There’s also the typical dishabille dullards willing to buy any shiny new thing that a big corporation rolls out their way.

From the looks of it most people will pick up a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man as soon as possible, and don’t mind paying for the DLC even though it was completed alongside the game. For those of you who don’t know, they usually do all the audio recording sessions as close together as possible to cut down on costs. So DLC audio is captured with the rest of the audio and then split up when it’s time to start working on the DLC missions. That’s not to mention that everyone using the “It was made during certification” excuse have no idea how development works, since it takes on average two weeks just to work on the model and base textures, and additional time to animate and polish up the model.

So given that the cinematics, the audio, and the texture, model, and animation work is all done for Black Cat, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it means this DLC was finished a long time ago, kiddies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is due out on September 7th for the PS4.

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