Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Walkthrough
Marvel's Spider-Man Gameplay Walkthrough

Insomniac Games and Sony’s Marvel’s Spider-Man is finally out and available for the PlayStation 4. It’s not a very long game and it certainly doesn’t require 20 hours to complete. Nevertheless, if you were looking for a basic gameplay walkthrough for Sony’s latest title, there’s one available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a 17 video playlist available for the game, covering it from start to finish. You can check out the Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay walkthrough below.

At the start of the game you have three difficulty options: Friendly, Amazing, and Spectacular.

The difficulties are obviously named after the most popular comic book lines for Spider-Man.

Anyway, once select your difficulty you’ll be treated to a cinematic.

You’ll receive a tutorial while you play the first mission.

How To Play

Hold down the R2 button to web-sling. Use ‘X’ on the PS4’s DualShock to jump and leap from web-slinging.

Press down R3 on the right analog to dive from large heights to pick up momentum to help swing

Triangle is to do basic attacks.

Circle is to dodge attacks. Much like Batman: Arkham games you will have a spidey-sense to alert you of incoming attacks so you’ll know when to dodge.

Hold down Square to perform an aerial launch to juggle enemies into the air. Press ‘X’ during the air juggle to slam them back down to the ground.

Hold down R1 + L1 to grab nearby environmental objects to slam them against enemies.

Press down on the digital pad to heal when your life gets low.

You can also quickly web-launch with zip-line toward enemies by pressing R2 + L2.

You can also yank enemies back down by press Square to launch them and Triangle to bring them down.

When your focus meter gets full, press Triangle and Circle together to perform an instant takedown, much like Batman: Arkham games.

Marvel's Spider Man - Fisk Men

Follow the nav points through the marked locations. Proceed through Fisk Tower, beat up the guys, crawl through the air vents, head upstairs, and make your way into the server room.

Beat up a few more baddies and then make your way through the blown up office area and free the office workers.

Move through the vents, and through the offices and take out the rocket men. If you’re too far away wait for them to fire to dodge the rocket and either beat them up or web them up.

You can also launch off the wall using your dodge and press Square to perform a literal off-the-wall dodge-attack.

Marvel's Spider Man - Wilson Fisk

When you get to Fisk’s office, dodge the turrets and light them up with web until they’re covered. Press R1 + L1 together to rip the turrets out of the wall and throw them at the glass that Fisk is hiding behind.

When Fisk finally gets out, use the web to web him up and then get in close and use Triangle to beat him up.

Once you complete the mission you’ll level up and unlock access to the skill tree.

Marvel's Spider Man - Skill Tree

You’ll have three different categories: Innovator, Defender, and Webslinger.

Much like Batman: Arkham games the different categories will allow you to upgrade Spider-Man’s abilities to match your play-style.

Once you finish up the mission, head to the lab and another cinematic will play with Doc Oct. When the cinematic finishes you’ll need to fix the prosthetic by solving three puzzles. The solutions for the puzzles are pictured below.

Once you finish the puzzles you’ll need to review the Doc’s work. There’s another compound puzzle to solve, where you need to align the appropriate patterns in the color spectrum as pictured in the image below.

Exit the lab and web-sling your way over to the police precinct where Spider-Man interacts with his Asian-female Jim Gordon.

You’ll need to do some tower missions, just like Assassin’s Creed. You’ll need to use the left and right analog sticks to align the radio bands until the line turns green.

Once you complete this little mini-game you’ll need to go stop a break-in.

Hop down and beat up the thugs and then go help the androgynous Indian snitch; just another notch on the diversity charts.

You’ll encounter new enemy types: enemies with melee weapons can block your attacks but are vulnerable to aerial moves. Large brutes can withstand normal attacks but use the grab moves to damage them using L1 + R1.

Web-sling over to the next tower by following the nav marker and complete the next radio wave mini-game.

The RFID signal will lead you to a backpack, which will then unlock a bunch of additional open-world side-quests.

You’ll have to take out some more thugs robbing a store – all of them conveniently white, even though we all know real life demographics state that straight, white males are the least likely to commit those sorts of crimes in that area.

Take out the thugs, fix the radio tower and then head back to the lab to repair Spidey’s suit.

There are several new circuit board mini-games you can play around with once you get back to the lab. You can earn some experience points by completing the mini-games, which will allow you to level-up Spider-Man faster.

Marvel's Spider Man - Doc Otto

The Doc will give Peter some new specs for an upgraded suit, which you’ll be able to craft a new suit.

You can access each of the suit’s mods in the suit screen by opening up the options menu. As you unlock new suits they will appear in your menu; suits and suit mods require crime tokens, base tokens, backpack tokens, landmark tokens, or research tokens to unlock. The Doc will also add gadgets to your abilities as well that you can access using the L1 bumper.

The Asian Jim Gordon will task Spider-Man to check out the construction site next.

Head to the construction site and stealthily take out Fisk’s men.

If you fail to take down the baddies in a stealthy manner, you’ll have to fight a bunch of reinforcements.

Once you clear out the first construction site you’ll need to head to the landmark. Much like in Assassin’s Creed, though, it may be easier to navigate if you can unlock your map by activating the towers.

Head over to the rooftop with Pete’s bag so he can go attend Aunt May’s birthday party.

Marvel's Spider Man - Aunt May's Birthday

Yuri, the female Jim Gordon, will call Spider-Man and tell him to investigate the auction house.

The mission will require stealth to avoid the black female hostage from getting offed.

You can use the R1 bumper to distract the guards and then string them up from above.

You can also manually aim at objects using the L3 button on the left analog stick.

Marvel's Spider Man - Mary Jane Watson

After you take out some of the guards, the game will switch over to the less-than-attractive Mary-Jane Watson who looks like a 4/10.

You have to listen to her feminist commentary as she walks around looking at a bunch of paintings in a museum.

Talk to the black lady once you’re ready to proceed.

You’ll have to take photographs of the art pieces. Use the L2 trigger to frame the image and snap the photo using R1.

You’ll need to stealthily move around the auction house to avoid being detected by the black lady. Move around the display cases when the lady has her back turned and head into the room with the statue.

Examine the statue and move the arm; take the artifact on the far right side of the display and place it in the hands of the statue.

Activate the statue to reveal the secret compartment.

After you retrieve the documents it will switch back to Spider-Man. Hop up to the ceiling and silently take out the patrolling guards as if you were Sam Fisher with web-shooters.

Take out the other Demons after they punch Mary-Jane in the back of the head (I’m shocked the male feminists didn’t complain about the bad guys acting like bad guys).

After the cinematic plays, make your way to the park and take out the baddies at the castle.

Some pigeons will steal the laptop flash drive. Chase down the pigeons and use R1 and L1 to capture the pigeons.

Take out the dark-skinned thugs messing with the junction boxes.

You’ll need to take out the thugs at three junction box locations throughout Central Park.

Head back to Stephanie’s apartment and take out Fisk’s men.

Track down Shocker and you’ll have to chase him through the streets of Manhattan. Once you finally track him use the web to tie him up.

Head back to the FEAST homeless shelter to talk to Mr. Li.

Marvel's Spider-Man - Stan Lee

After you talk to Mr. Li and learn about the mask, you’ll be able to complete a few side-quests before being able to pick up the main story missions again.

Once you finish a few side-quests then you can head back to the lab, where another cinematic will play.

You’ll then need to swing around and gather samples from toxic gas clouds. Once you gather eight samples another mission will pop up.

Make your way to the bank and face off against Shocker. Dodge his attacks and when he begins to charge up with his energy bubble, use the debris to swing it at him using R1 + L1.

When Shocker gets stunned get in close and then pummel him in the face.

After you beat him up for a while another short cinematic will play, and then he’ll start shooting waves across the floor. Web-sling across the room and stay off the ground to avoid taking damage.

After Shocker gets his leg stuck on the ground, aim at the pillars hanging from around the ceiling. Use L1 + R1 to pull the pillars down to crush the Shocker.

You’ll need to then proceed to follow through with the chemical leak story. You’ll need to web up the leak coming from the building.

You’ll then be able to unlock the next series of missions to complete.


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