Maximum Action Low-Poly Game Is Now Available For PC Via Steam

If you want to play a low-poly action game with slow-motion mechanics, melee moves, and dual-wielding, then you have publisher BalloonMooseGames and developer George Mandell’s Maximum Action. The game is out now for PC Via Steam Early Access.

Maximum dismemberment and crazy action are present in Maximum Action. If, however, you wish to play this title do know that the single-player game is currently available to pick up right now.

In addition to the above, expect to blaze through enemies using physics-based sliding, diving, drop-kicks, and the act of utilizing “action time” mechanics to dual-wield a variety of pistols, shotguns, and rifles in slow-motion.

Depending on the weapon(s) used in this game depends on how extreme your enemies death will be, where blood and gib often times are the end results.

If that sounds like something worth picking up, the game currently runs for $14.99 on Steam Early Access. Actual gameplay footage showing combat and various maneuvers can be seen here:

“Maximum Action – A brutal and satisfying physics-based first-person shooter influenced by Hong Kong action and other old-school titles.”

If you feel that Maximum Action’s price is a bit steep for what it has to offer, or it’s something that you would like to try but not spend $14 on, then you can try a free demo by joining the dev team’s Discord channel.

Moreover, Maximum Action sports a list of game modes like Sandbox Mode, Endless Mode, and a Level Editor. The latter mode does what its name implies and offers users the ability to edit maps and create stages to do whatever in this first-person action game.

Lastly, the game will support mods in the future on Steam’s Workshop. However, the devs plan to keep this game in Early Access for one or two years before it ships as a complete package.


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