Meltys Quest 1.2 Update Makes The Steam Version Uncensored

Meltys Quest Uncensored

If you own Meltys Quest on Steam, you’ll find that today’s 1.2 update that has gone live has turned the game uncensored. Yes, the Steam version is uncensored.

In a post over on the Steam community thread, developer Remtairy notes that the very popular Meltys Quest is now fully uncensored, and you no longer have to go searching off-site for a patch.

In the post, Remtairy stated…

“Today, I’m proud to announce that with Steam’s new Adult Only policy, today’s v1.2 update to Meltys Quest will make it completely UNCENSORED on Steam without any external modifications! Meltys is now looking as bangin’ as ever!


“[…] Just as Meltys Quest heralded a new age of cooperation and awareness with Japanese indie eroge developers, we hope to herald another new age of uncensored Japanese eroge onto Steam. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Meltys Quest will be on sale from September 12 to September 23 for 30% off!”

One thing worth keeping in mind is that even though the sale gets underway on September 12th, the uncensored patch is live now on Steam with the 1.2 update.

This is all thanks to Steam’s new adult content filters that they’ve put into place.

The upside is that now you’ll find that games have much thicker descriptions when it comes to the adult content that they have thanks to an expanded section on the store page describing the content for consumers. And there’s also two additional filters for adult content that users can enable or disable.

Based on my own search in the Steam client, it appears that AO-rated games are automatically filtered out by default, as searching up Meltys Quest returned a search result saying that the game was filtered out. So this could mean that it may be harder to find adult games unless you specifically know what you’re looking for.

Additionally, you now have to be logged in to view AO-filtered games. If you attempt to view the store page while not logged in it will return a site error.

All that being said, you can now access the uncensored version of Meltys Quest with the 1.2 update or pick up a copy of the uncensored version from the Steam store for $19.99.