Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker Guide: Beginner Tips And Tricks

Are you a bit green when it comes to Bandai Namco and Soleil’s Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker? If you want to learn the basics or tips and tricks to become more familiar with the game, this guide aims to help you. Shinobi Striker is out now for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

New players will find that Shinobi Striker pits players in 4 Vs. 4 head-to-head battles. In these battles, characters (including custom characters) can be selected that fit into one of four class categories, which consist of Attack, Defense, Range, and Heal.

In addition to the above, Attack types focus on close range, speed, and offense. Defense types rely on strong attacks with an emphasis on defending allies/objectives and using techniques to gain advantages in different scenarios. Ranged types shine by firing large projectiles for the team and dealing damage from far distances, while Heal types are designed to support the team with healing Jutsu.

Furthermore, newcomers will find that multiple game modes such as Barrier, Base, Combat and more emphasize teamwork and skill as a deciding factor of who comes out on top.

Players can also team up to take on AI enemies such as tailed beasts in the Sub-Mission mode. The original characters (not custom characters) will serve as mentors, whereupon players can choose to learn Jutsu from them and equip unlocked skills for use in combat for their custom avatar.

With all of that said, an older video that explores the basics of Shinobi Striker’s movement system is on display below, which focuses on where you can run up to (vertically), how to recover after misjudging the distance of a place, and how to somewhat exploit jumping and attacking for traversal porpuses.

As seen above, images for the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are on display. You can use them as a reference while watching the following video by YouTuber Kabuki:

Next up is exploring the lobby. Firstly, we have Tenten, who runs the Ninja Tool Shop. Options in this shop consist of Scroll Appraisal, Sell, and Purchase (Weapons, Costumes, Avatar Parts, Consumable Items) — starts at 1:04.

Sakura is in charge of the Inn. This barter menu lets you Change Battle Equipment, Change Appearance, Change Title, Ninja Remake, and take a look at the Gift Box — starts at 2:34.

The VR Ninjutsu Arena, owned by Kakashi, allows for you to do Solo Missions, Co-op Missions (Find Allies), and Co-op Missions (Join) — starts at 5:51.

As for Sasuke, he is over the Ninjutsu Library. From here you can select a VR Master, and level them up from level 1 to level 5. You will need to get certain VR Masters to level 2 so that you can unlock others — starts at 13:02.

And lastly, Shikamaru is over Hokage’s Office, where you can do Quick Matches and the Ninja World League (ranked matches). Match types consist of Flag Battle, Base Battle, Combat Battle, and Barrier Battle — starts at 14:29.

The beginner guide video comes in by YouTuber Die NooB.


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