Negligee: Love Stories Launching Uncensored On Steam Sept 14, Says Dharker Studios
Negligee Love Stories

Dharker Studios has reportedly given the go ahead to launch their sexy-time visual novel, Negligee: Love Stories. The game will launch on September 14th on Steam in its fully uncensored state, according to a tweet that the company issued on September 10th, 2018.

The announcement was brief, but they confirmed that the filters will apparently be in place and enabled so that game studios making risque or adult-themed games will be able to finally have their games approved for release on Valve’s digital storefront.

If you attempt to visit the store page for Negligee: Love Stories at the moment a site error pops up.

However, if you do a search for Dharker Studios’ games, you’ll see that the DLC is listed, and if you click through to the DLC it will require you to purchase the base game before you can use the DLC. You get a small taste of the filters by clicking through the DLC store pages, where the new age-rating system appears as well as on the app page where descriptions of the adult-oriented content is listed so that consumers know what they’re getting.

If you click on Dharker Studios’ developer page you’ll finally see that Negligee: Love Stories is set to arrive September 14th… assuming Valve doesn’t put a halt to the release of the game… again.

On September 6th, 2018 Valve clarified how the Steam filters will work, noting that there will be three sets of filters for different levels of adult-oriented content, and that developers are now required to list all of the adult content on the store page.

Now if the filters do go live on September 14th, as Dharker Studios suggests, then it means that the filters were not “months away” from being enabled as it was suggested by Valve back in late August.

We’ll still have to see if things work out as the developer infers when September 14th arrives and Negligee: Love Stories presumably releases.

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