Panties Of Rage, Beat-’em-Up Is Now Uncensored And Free-To-Play On Nutaku
Panties of Rage

Nutaku announced that Panties of Rage has officially launched on their adult gaming platform. The 18+ adventure title sports beat-’em-up gameplay and more than 50 different missions to complete. You can partake in the uncensored romp through the wild lands right now with the free-to-play title.

Players take on the roles of magical catgirls who must go on a mission to save their mentor after they get trapped inside of a cursed magical book known as the Sexpilion.

It’s up to thw two girls to battle through an army of evil minions under Mr. Mummy’s control, including traveling through time and encountering Roman zombies, Egyptian zombies, and Western zombies, using a variety of magical powers, special moves, and even “stylish” fatalities.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see what the free-to-play, side-scrolling brawler looks like in action.

The highlight of the game, of course, is utilizing the girls’ powers to not only defeat enemies but to scavenge and collect the hidden panties sprinkled throughout each of the stages.

Collecting the panties will also free the heroines who have been trapped inside the Sexpilion. You can either play the game solo or team up with other players to battle through the beat-’em-up together.

The game is sort of like a mix between Phantom Breaker and Little Fighters with a heavy dose of lewdness.

Gameplay wise the animations are somewhat passable, and there is a hefty helping of different combat maneuvers and special abilities at your disposal, such as fireballs, projectile weapons, and even chainsaws.

I suppose if the actual fighting animations and character movements were slightly more fluid, almost like Castle Crashers, it would make the game more appealing.

Nevertheless, if you’re in the mood to beat up some zombies, execute some fatalities and witness hot chicks from Egypt, the Wild West, and Rome getting porked, you can check out Panties of Rage right now over on the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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