Planes Of Eros H-RPG APK Download Now Available On Nutaku
Planes of Eros

Looking for a hardcore H-game for your Android device? Well, Nutaku has you covered with the recently released Planes of Eros, a completely uncensored adventure where you travel through a foreign land, bang elves, drow, and magicians, and indulge in an epic fantasy where your pubic sword does all the penetrating.

Planes of Eros centers around a hero who gets transported into another where a prophecy foretold of a legendary outlander who would come to save the world from evil. Accompanied by the sexy partner, Iris, the duo set out to recruit sexually-charged servants in order to free the world of evil and unleash their lustful desires along the way.

It’s impossible to include any of the screenshots or the trailer for the game without getting tossed in the gulag for it, but Nutaku’s promise of an uncensored, full-on H-game is definitely fulfilled with Planes of Eros.

The gacha-RPG features full-on animated sex scenes, along with tons of nude photos of hot anime chicks.

Planes of Eros - Water Boss Drake

The game is heavy on the sex but seems somewhat light on the gameplay. The trailer didn’t really focus much on actual gameplay, since most of it centers around the casino/gacha system.

I imagine for those of you who like the Fate/Grand Order app you might take a liking to Planes of Eros.

Of course, a large part of the appeal of Fate/Grand Order is that the chicks are hot and the art is enticing, and I don’t know if the art in Planes of Eros is enough to compensate for the gacha system. It would require some really hot and heavy H-scenes and some super hot waifu to make up for it.

Nevertheless, if you were willing to give it a try you can download the Android APK from over on the Nutaku store page.


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