PlayStation Classic Features 20 Pre-Loaded Games For $99, Launches Dec 3rd 2018
PlayStation Classic

Sony announced that the PlayStation Classic is coming December 3rd, 2018 later this year during the Christmas rush. The miniature console is Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition. The PlayStation Classic is based on the original PSOne and comes pre-loaded with 20 playable games from the 1990s for $99.99.

The details for the mini-console were rolled out over on the PlayStation Blog, where SIE’s senior VP of worldwide marketing, Eric Lempel, explained that the mini-console is 45% smaller than the original PSX, and that it comes with two controllers, an HDMI cable so you can plug it into your TV, a USB cable to power the console, and the base unit.

PlayStation Classic

The unit will not come with an AC adapter because it’s powered by the USB cable, so all the power is generated from either the television or monitor you hook it up to. Technically you could get a USB to AC adapter if you really wanted to keep it plugged into a power outlet instead of your TV for whatever reason.

The mini-console does not come with a CD tray either; all of the games are pre-loaded onto the built-in hard drive.

Some of the games included in the line-up are Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Ridge Racer 4, Jumping Flash and Final Fantasy VII.

Surprisingly, PlayStation fanboys were not entirely thrilled with the announcement.

Various gamers were disappointed with the lack of the DualShock controllers – a few shills tried to say that the dual analog controllers didn’t arrive until the PS2, but others corrected them noting that the DualShocks were first required for use with Ape Escape on the PSX back in 1999.

Others were disappointed with the lack of a CD-tray, which means you can’t play your old PSX titles even if you still have them on disc.

And a few more gamers were grieved over the high price point and the lack of being able to play PSX games they already bought for the PSTV or on PS3.

It’s tough to see the PlayStation Classic really selling all that well given that most people would probably settle for buying a used PSTV and getting a few games for as cheap as possible from other outlets. Then again, maybe some people are so starved for good games on a Sony console they might even pay $100 for 20-year-old games that were at least fun to play.


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